Votes please - best rude/sexy 90s track!

Wot, no Ginuwine??

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Good work! was just about to post this one!

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how is Pony not here?

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That’s hilarious, Em! :laughing:Thanks for sharing! How did the visitors react to the exhibit and tunes? I’ve got visions of old folk tutting whilst giggling teens bellowed along to “You and me baby, we ain’t nothing but mammals…” :joy::notes:

It was massively unpopular and had practically no visitors!

There was also a section at the back with biros and heart shaped papers that could be pinned up on a washing line along the wall. The idea was for people to write fake lonely hearts ads or comments about the exhibition.

One of the jobs on the list each day was to remove any phone numbers or any messages that were too dirty.

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Brilliant, Em! Might tell this story (or see if you’d like to) when we’re recording the podcast in a few months!

Need to add some of these excellent extra suggestions to the poll but can’t edit it! Silk was supposed to be in there, and the Cathy Dennis/Divinyls situation was a copy & paste calamity!

It definitely looks like the 90s were naughtier than the Noughties!

You could consider some of these too (not necessarily good, but fit the theme)

Touch & Go - Would You?
20 Fingers - Short Dick Man
Prince - Sexy MF
Prince - Gett Off

Not sure what Cher’s doing on your list…

Four excellent suggestions, thanks! They’re going on my list. As for Cher… we’ll, you’ve gotta include a little something for everyone, haven’t you?! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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