VPN recomendations, please

Yes yes, https://frinkiac.com/img/S05E03/531296.jpg and so on.

I’ve been using Freedome for a few years now. It’s been fine, but lately it’s been going a bit slow and has started annoyingly disconnecting when my phone is idle. The subscription’s up soon so I’m looking for alternatives.

Anyone got any good recommendations that aren’t TunnelBear?

proton vpn

I’m using Protonmail so that’s the likely contender at the moment. You use it? Any issues?

Yes I use it. No issues.

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Why not TunnelBear? It’s what I use and works fine for me.

I’m generally using a VPN for tinfoil hat reasons. TunnelBear’s based in Canada so it’s subject to the Five Eyes alliance… which isn’t great.

Ah ok. I’m just watching sport :slightly_smiling_face:

Apart from work, do many of you use VPNs and if so, what do you use them for?

Largely to knock trackers on the head. The number of companies that collect information about everything you do, see, and click on is…scary. I don’t mind advertising per se so I’m not using AdBlock, but I use a VPN and 1Blocker pretty much everywhere to limit companies from tracking me unless I given them my explicit permission to do so.

Nord VPN


Use VPN to tunnel into my home network occasionally because my workplace blocks gmail and various other services.

Sometimes use VPN at home avoid geoblocked content.

Anyone got experience of using their Smart TV with a VPN?

For example can you switch regions on Netflix direct from your TV without having to stream the signal from another device such as your phone or laptop?

Anyone using one at the minute. Looking at cyberghost or nord. Welcome recommendations and voucher codes :rofl:

This might be a bit niche, but if there’s anyone out there who knows…

My friend is looking to find a VPN that can trick iFollow (Championship football video service) into streaming live games as an international user. NordVPN didn’t get round it, so anyone with experience feel free to chip in with suggestions and I’ll make sure to pass that information on.

Nord is great unless you’re desperate to watch something, and then it won’t work

I used to use free proxy lists and just manually change the IP address but this doesn’t seem to be working on my ipad. Is it still possible?

If I subscribe to a vpn service such as Nord VPN the website talks about changing it at the router but I don’t want to do this - is it possible to just change the IP of a particular device?


Should be

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Spend 50 quid on cyberghost. went on Netflix and it spotted i was using a vpn. Request made for a refund straight away

I think so, yes. I’ll check with a couple of devices, gimme a bit

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