VR Gaming

Anyone into this?
Had a few goes on me mate’s Oculus Quest and thought it was pretty great so I’m gonna get one.
Enjoyed playing Beat Sabre and Super Hot and the mini golf one. What other games are good?

Got a Psvr Super Hot and Best Saber are probably the best ones. Resident Evil 7 and Astrobot are pretty fun. Heard good things about Darth Vader and The Walking dead but not got round to playing either.

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Got a Quest 2 a couple of weeks ago. Have mostly been using it as a PCVR headset but enjoy Beat Saber and just walking around the various environment things.

Will obviously get all the Star Wars shit eventually.

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Hear resi 4 is good but honestly it’s the only VR game in like 2 years to garner any notable hype.

I sold my quest 2. It was good fun for like 3 or 4 month shut once I grew tired of Beat Sabre and considering how ridiculously expensive some games can be I decided to sack it off and sell it

Beat Sabre is great though. And is a huge part of the reason I lost weight this year

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There’s a free game called HarvestVR that I’ve downloaded and am looking forward to playing instead of sorting out my actual real life garden.

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Ih right Half Life Alyx happened didn’t it but it needs a pc (also no one cares about Half Life Alyx)

Played half an hour of Elite Dangerous in VR and the sense of scale and stuff was amazing. That was on PC but you can get it standalone on the headset.

Also got Skyrim VR to do next :nerd_face:

There was a cool experience called The Down Below or something too

And the whale in the deep blue tech demo terrified me in a way nothing else has

Ooooo and the Prime cinema app is good as is Big Screen

Rec Room and VR Chat can be fun with friends

It’s not without merit but the appeal deffo wore out for everyone I knew who got one during lockdown including me

Waiting for the form factor to get significantly smaller and lighter now

It’s a good time but how long it’ll last vs conventional gaming machine? Probably way less

There’s something about the simplicity of a lot of the games that really appeals to me tbh. Reckon it’s like how it must have felt playing the first consoles in the 70s and 80s

I wouldn’t have got it without the PCVR functionality tbf

The quest 2 excels at being a work out machine which is why I’m waiting for a less sweaty version

Part of the reason being is because the simple games really work well when it’s tied to fitness as the incremental score improvements not only show improved dexterity but also improved fitness :wink:

But the foam made it unbearable and sweaty in the summer and the winter u need to let it warm up otherwise it condensates meaning I only really loved my quest 2 in spring

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Comes with a silicone thing now that fits over the foam

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Yeah the foam used to give everyone a rash

I shoulda tried the silicone I guess

Doubt it’s any cooler though

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Is this part of the elite strap or does it come with the device?

Comes with the device due to giving everyone a rash

It was probably to stop a lawsuit

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Comes with

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Anyways yeah if u can afford it theb it’s a good time especially with friends online but I can’t wholeheartedly recommend it.

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Fun but struggle to play for longer than 15 minutes at a time

Did some Resident Evil 7 on it, that was spoooky :ghost:

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