✋ vs🤚

Why the difference, is there significance behind this??

  • ys
  • no
  • idk
  • i dont want to know

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Just incase the symbol doesn’t show on your device

I would say no, but it took me far too long to realise that there was both a metal horns AND I love you emoji. No idea how many times I’d been inappropriate in the past, and no idea if anyone noticed.

:love_you_gesture: :metal:

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a what



  • I didn’t realise there was an I Love You emoji AND a metal horns emoji
  • I did realise these two emojis are different

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Is that in sign language or soemthing similar? Didn’t notice the distinction either



(dunno how to do a backslash on a mac)

On android they are the same, just the thumb sticks out a bit

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the sticky-out thumb one is like, “hey”

whereas the one with the thumb tight to the hand is more like, “halt”

I thought this too but :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: looks wavy

looks like there are too many fingers but I have counted them twice and it is anatomically accurate.

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oh yeah, perhaps that one is like, “hey :blush:” ?

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probably some secret white supremacist code isn’t it

We will never know

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Hope not :nauseated_face:


I don’t trust anything after learning that the ok symbol means that now, automatically assume the worst of people if I see that used on social media etc

I voted Ys because it’s a great album

:tipping_hand_woman: hey gurrl

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2020 - assume everything is awful until proven otherwise.


Oops (it is good though)

On my phone one is the front of a hand and one is the back.