VSCO Girls

Feels like a while since we had a proper subculture, but here they are, the VSCO girls.

I am 100% clueless on this, can someone link me to a rundown so I can pretend I was there all along?

What are the VSCO Girls please?

Viscous girls?
Vicious girls?

I found this

It’s an app.

Visual Supply Company.

VSCO® is a photo company for creators, by creators.

I can’t believe you didn’t know that

VSCO? There’s an app for that!

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i’d like to be one of these


Not really sure what this is but I’m going to immediately claim the moral high ground by saying that as a 30 something year old man it’s not my place to be judging how any women are choosing to present themselves on social media.

BOOM, thread won.


No judgement from me, the more youth subcultures the better

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Yeah, I’m already thinking this is some cowardly categorisation for pigeonholing and judging other people doing things that make them happy, i.e. DiS bread & butter

Let’s be honest, if an explainer article appeared in the Metro nearly a month ago, that probably means they’re already over…

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I wish they could all be VSCO girls.


This hasn’t explained anything to me at all

Vans and a Fjällräven Kånken backpack? @plasticniki is the original VSCO girl!


I quite like all these things maybe I am an aspiring VSCO Boy

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Be the change you want to see in the world dino

Lmaoooo I saw a reference to this the other day and thought it was something to do with this

Anyway… I don’t think this is a thing and it certainly is no match for Fiat 500 girls and boys, which is very definitely a thing and the only true late 10s subculture.

Seems to me like they really take hydration seriously. Good for them.

Maybe a subculture for people who are obsessed with ket as well actually