VSCO Girls


Checkered Vans, and Danish bags,
That’s what I’ve lacked,
But oversized clothes, and VSCO girls,
I’m coming back

</very niche Beach Boys reference>


Not got enough space on my phone for that sort of thing.

What does the ‘V’ stand for and also what does the ‘S’ stand for and also what does the ‘C’ stand for and also what does the ‘O’ stand for, please?


no thank you

This is just a regular Swedish school kid aged 8+

It has been thus at least since I started living here (2004)

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Visual Supply COmpany.

They supply visuals.

What is Kaz these days?

is there anything that distinguishes them from normies? without looking it up and without a clue what I’m talking about, it seems like they are just normiies to me

My girls were telling me about these the other day, I had no idea what they were talking about, looked on google and saw something about scrunchies.

If you’re asking me for my opinion on scrunchies it’s that they could do with being more actually scrunchy than they are. They mostly have the appearance of being scrunchy but, were you to scrunch one, it would actually be soft and not at all scrunchy.

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oh no i’m a vsco girl


Would you attend an event that was called ‘The VSCO Disco!’ (and VSCO and Disco rhyme when you say them)?

literally own all of those apart from the vans and the face spray

No because I’m 30

the only modern subculture worth paying attention to are virtual influencers

does the V stand for virtual?

Thank you for your forthrightness

I’ve still got a dick pic on my vsco (not shared of course) because I was exchanging sexy photos with a girl and I wanted to brighten it up a bit.

PenisBrighten PenisBrighten


It’s kind of a synonym for ‘basic’, but less of a pejorative, and more of a self-defined one, if that makes sense.