W E D N E S D A Y . D A Y

Good morning.

Up far too early. Finish work at 11am so I can go and meet some friends from the UK. They were in Vienna for a few days so they’re dropping by for the day and I’m showing them around, should be nice. Shame the weather is dogshit atm.

Then when they head back to Vienna I’m going to have a massage, then I’m heading home to watch the mighty Leicester City and catch up on the RAFFLE. What an excellent Wednesday.


Alright Juke

Major Xmas launch today. Lots happening. All I want to do is stay in bed though

Morning @AQOS and @rich-t. Wednesday is a bit of a shit day really. I am massively not motivated at work at the moment :frowning:

Terrible night’s sleep. Kept waking up getting feeling like I was going to throw up. Probably should have done to see if it made me feel better tbh.

Feel much the same now, but taking the day off is out of the question because, as yer man from Predator says: ain’t got time to puke.




Had probably the worst day of my working life yesterday and think today might be even worse

Sore throat and headache. Bleurgh.

Morning all. Got an hour of meetings that clash with the raffle - one of them is with my boss as well - but I’ve got my sole Christmas drinks (unless I make the DiS one) tonight followed by Buffalo Tom with an old friend. I’ve also been monkeying around with Christmas wrapping for Secret Santa and have come up with a pair of absolute doozies.

Got woken up at 3am. Haven’t slept much since. Soooooo tired. Today is going to be a proper case of the CBA’s.

Still, I’m sure that the raffle will brighten my day.


@AQOS If you like visitors can I come Easter Monday


Am on the 6.40 train to London.
Been made to come down 6 times in the last 3 weeks with no notice. £1500 in train tickets in 3 weeks. Work complaining about the cost.
“You’re making me go and I’m having to get the tickets last minute and you want me there for 9am and you’re complaining to me about the cost. Cool”


I’m in Jordan then (dinner, @jordan_229?) so NO. But you’re all welcome any time xx

Easter Monday 2020 it is then :sunglasses:

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Looking forward to it. Haven’t seen my mate in ages. Since him and his missus moved out to the sticks - Kent, to give it the proper name - we rarely see each other. Slightly concerned that I look like an interloper, as I’m in a jumper rather than a plaid shirt.

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Morning, happy raffle day everyone! Day off today but job interview later so going out this morning for a pre-interview haircut and got loads of things to do first. Really want this job m9s.


good luck!


Happy Rafflemas everyone

Nothing much to report. :cloud_with_rain: :biking_man: :cloud_with_rain: :office: :cloud_with_rain:

Morning all - Spotify 2018 Wrapped out tomorrow, I can’t be the only one that gets really excited for these every year


Still in bed. Probably gonna have to get the train in now aren’t I.