W E D N E S D A Y . D A Y

No thanks



I’ve taken a half day so I can do more packing, gonna spend it all looking at the raffle, aren’t I :thinking:

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Morning all.

I’ve got loads of work to do but sod that IT’S RAFFLE DAY!

Also I’ve got a new monitor arriving today so I can get back to wasting my life on videogames and weird drone music. Can’t wait.

I hope you’re all well and that luck smiles upon you in the raffle. But not more than it smiles on me. I WANT ALL THE PRIZES.


On a half day, as we have a behaviourist coming to behaviourise the dog.

Tea’s gone cold.

Bad start.


So tired this week, I can’t get it together.

Teaching spin tonight. Haven’t done my playlist yet. Oops.

did frankie say relax lol

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That LMFAO song on repeat. Done.


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can you do christmas spin? would be kinda difficult

Double Negative, on loop

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Why did you get out of bed at all


Morning everyone!

A crane had collapsed by the motorway closing two lanes last night, and there was an accident this morning causing an hours worth of delays. Fuck the M23! Only one more drive to work this year after today though. (Let’s not mention that the roadworks are carrying on until Spring 2020)

Just done my AQOS answers, and found out that the following songs were all (co-)written by these two men that I’d literally never heard of:

  • Eternal Flame
  • I’ll Stand By You
  • Like a Virgin
  • I Touch Myself
  • I drove all Night
  • True Colours

So… well done them? Those are all pretty great songs, is pretty much my only point here.

Morning chiefs. Got a 4 hour round trip to Norwich today for a meeting with a school that I think will last an hour? All I know about Norwich is Partridge and @saps

Woah! We cover two of those songs with our cover band! I did not know about that at all.

Morning all! Very misty on the way to work this morning. Torrential rain here last night so work is busy and difficult today.

Raffle later though! And a new episode of the Flaming Lips podcast that I’m going to listen to on my break.

Pissing it down here and we’re meant to be getting 40mph winds later but it’s OK because RAFFLE so I wasn’t going to leave the house anyway


I have been to one before!

Answered a phone call from someone called Howe and said “how are you” and they did this pause that makes me think they thought I was trying to make a joke but I wasn’t I was just being British kill me now


weird life parallels

My best mate has also moved out to the sticks - and we’ve used Buffalo Tom gigs as an excuse to meet up in the past

Last time I came over really ill as they came on stage though, and I spent half the gig in the loo being sick (wasn’t booze related, promise)

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