W e d n e s d a y t h r e a d



You’ve made a right mess of that crossword…


I got two ‘Popular Link’ notifications for the appallingly telegraphed RickRolls that I posted yesterday.

I’d like to thank the citizens of DiS for playing along and amusing me.


I was genuinely trying to work out the missing clues there for a good three or four minutes.


I know it’s a cliche, but I really do prefer Goodmo’s earlier stuff.


In Saint Petersburg. Really bad insomnia. You all smell.


G O O D M O R N I N G C C B E T AL ! !

[details=Summary]Nice work on the :laughing: emoji!

I’m okay thanks, how are you?[/details]


Morning leonards. It’s my wedding anniversary, gonna go out for nice indian food later. Gotta get through a day with my incredibly annoying boss first though. Also only really dawned on me that it’s a long weekend. Thank you, jeebus.


How about returning the favour with a few likes now and then, ya stingy get?




I feel so ill!

Went to bed at 9:30 and didn’t fall asleep until 3am, I’m just so grateful to not be in bed anymore.




Managed to get another physio appointment for today after yesterday’s shitshow. Don’t understand why I waited two months for an appointment and they had three available today.

Gonna get a really sugary coffee afterward


¡Buenos días a todos!

I keep thinking today is Thursday for some reason. Unlike probably most of you I have actually got to come to work on Friday (and Monday).

Had 2 pain aux raisins for breakfast cos I’m a fat cunt.

Not much else to say really, although @carmen has reminded me to book a dentist appointment as my checkup is due.


I’ve got to take stuff to the post office in a bit, and I’m thinking about continuing to look for some new trainers.

I’m also feeling a bit tired and therefore might not bother.


Today is my Thursday.
Just took my bike in for a service and noticed that my lights have been stolen.
Got a headache so I’m appeasing my body with an almond pain au chocolat.


Ah, it’s my wedding anniversary too! ^5


Happy Anniversary Eric! Hope you enjoy your meal later.

I’m always reminded of Louie whenever I eat at an Indian restaurant -

Damn, everything they eat in that scene looks absolutely mouthwatering!


More tired than I should be seeing as I got a good nights sleep


The cleaner has utterly demolished my careful arrangement of post-it notes and reminder piles of documents. This is a disaster.

Might as well go back home.