⭐ W E D N E S D A Y ⭐

It is Wednesday. There’s nothing you can do about it.

How is everyone?

I’m terrible, thanks for asking. Tonsilitis I think. Haven’t had a wink of sleep and I’ve taken about 8 sick days off work already this year so I’m fucked.

I hope everything is better in your lives.

Sub-thread: when was the last time you fell over

Well a massive anxity attach has me awake since 2 in the morning, so it’s not a great start to the day.
Think 2 hours of staring blankly at the laptop are enough. Time to try and sleep again.

I almost fell over trying to go to the loo while half asleep this morning and avoiding the cat. Thankful for door frames, to be honest.

Sorry to hear about your sickness. Is it one you can get antibiotics for because when I had that sort of tonsillitis I was feeling better after 24 hours on the meds.

Dunno, going to the docs this morning. Hope so!

Hope you feel better after some rest @UncleRetrospective

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2h40 of work left and then 4 days off :slight_smile:

Battle the traffic home and have a few hours sleep and get up at lunch time-ish.

Going to the Hen and Chickens for a curry tonight for my mom’s birthday. Not had a proper curry for what seems like forever.


At my friend’s house, the baby woke everyone up crying his head off about an hour ago (it’s just oast 6 here now so not AS bad but for me, a non child having type b person, still bad enough). I’m about to get out of bed. Spending the day doing library research work as well so that’ll be interesting.

On top of EVERYTHINGGG it seems they’ve thrown out my toothbrush that I kept here? How rude.

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Dropping Mrs Z at Gatwick this morning, then WFH

Get well soon Juke!

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Morning all.

I’m just not doing today. You can’t make me.

Can’t life atm.

How you’re all well.

Feel dreadful and have a doctor’s appointment this morning to talk about my meds etc. I’ll probably tell her everything’s fine so i can get it over with as quickly as possible. Work should be fun today at least.

Hope your tonsils sort themselves out and you get some sleep soon.

Insonnia is so bad lately. Really irritating. Of course by the time I do fall asleep it directly coincides with the times Jnr wakes up.

No plans today. Mentally plotting out my little veg patch under my window, all the stuff i can grow in shade I don’t really like so going to just grow the stuff I do like anyway.

Can’t remember my last fall but I tripped on Sunday and kind of launched forwards and did a little run to recover.

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Hate tonsillitis. I used to get it all the time. Was slose to being advised to have them out, then i got what I thought was that, but turned out to be glandular fever 14 years ago and don’t think I’ve had tonsillitis since. Anyway, i hope yours clears up quickly and you don’t have to take much more time off.

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First day back in work in 6 days. Not sure I actually remember what we’re doing

Feel prettttttyyyy hungover. Need to be on the ball today. Developments to be promoted, places to go, people to see!

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God I’m tired.

Morning! Very glad its my day off and a break from all the shit going on at work. Going to have a lazy morning then take a trip to Dartmoor for a walk, then maybe the pub. Trying to be good to my MH today, all gone a bit foggy again.

Morning all,

Got in late from kidsitting last night so WFH.

Loads to catch up on, but am at least prepped for presentations and stuff tomorrow. Need to finish plans for Manchester Friday.

Pretty much your lot for now.

Got a 7.5 working day where I will mostly be on my feet ahead of me and my shins are absolutely killing me. :confounded:

Going to a cafe this morning, meeting a friend for tea this afternoon. Need to get the kids hair cut, was going to get there for 9. This now looks ‘unlikely’

Really struggling to get out of bed, these days…and really hate myself for it.

cycling in was haaaaard this morning, but I’m glad I did it.

Off to Paris on holidaybobs tomozza!!