⭐ W E D N E S D A Y ⭐

Morning all,

Got a delivery coming, so am WingFHome. Had blueberries AND apples in my porridge today. oooh it was good, almost wouldn’t have known there was a teaspoon of turmeric in there.

Today I shall mostly be doing some seasonal adjustments.

that’s about all.

Ahoy hoy. Half term makes for a long week at work :sleeping: A glimmer of hope can be found in the start of the ODIs against the Windies today. Got the gaff to myself tonight too so will eat pizza, drink beer and play BotW.

Morning all!

Bailed on gig-going last night. I wasn’t fussed about the headliner, couldn’t find out what time the supports were on, didn’t know anyone else there and the price was more than I wanted to pay considering all those things. Will probably go out Thursday instead.

Nice sunny day again, but it hasn’t rejuvenated me like the sunny morning yesterday did.

What a horrible damp morning. Saw loads of worms on my walk in :bug:

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Up and at 'em :muscle:

Day 3 at work and I found the secret carpark. Now just need someone to change my access card so it gives me access to the building I work in…

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Hi there jukes you all right pal?

Having a fucking nightmare with a friend who (redacted) me and then is being a prick. It’s all so childish, in truth.

The redacted part is very serious so don’t think I’m subposting for fun, it is out of necessity.

I’ll do a post about it at some point.

Does falling down the stairs count? Then in Dec when I smashed my wrist on the day of the Glasgow meat.

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Gig last night was great fun, plus I made four new friends with tentative plans to hang out soon. :blush:

Took the day off today which I’m glad about, going to have breakfast then crack on with some chores before going to the dentist.



Just had a tunnocks tea cake :+1:
Got the Glasgow film festival opening soirée tonight. :+1:


this sentence confused me for a very long time

eating chia goji and pear porridge

is okay

I work as a contortionist, obviously


Went to a cracking gig and drunk lots of beer last night, but now my ears are ringing and I’m knackered. Probably still worth it, will review that claim again this afternoon.

Got two things wrong today, ALREADY.

My pals don’t have O2 priority so I’ve not been able to get Bikini Kill tickets

I feel sad man :frowning:

Tonsillitis is the worst. The last time I had it, it was so bad that I couldn’t breathe because my tonsils were so swollen. I didn’t have any sleep for days. Awful awful stuff. GWS Jukey.

I am trying to plan a last minute weekend away next weekend. While also doing work. FUN.

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What’re you thinking of doing m9? Give me inspo.

Cycling to Belgium to see two bike races (sorry)


No apology necessary :grinning: that sounds great. Moules and beer.



but aye, it’s all very exhilarating booking something last minute innit