W e d n e s d a y

I’m wide awake.
But in 6 minutes when I need to be up, I’ll probably have fallen asleep again. So it goes.

How are you today, dear friends?


  • Fuck it, nothing matters :cat2:
  • Jump up! Start your day right :woman_cartwheeling:t2:

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Morning Gnome

At some point in the night R got into my bed and now he is still asleep! This is good other than I am on the wrong side to get up to use the toilet and I am also falling out of the bed a bit which is not so good.

Absolutely dreading having to do anything today as my brain is in a very fragile place and things here are so shit (brother still not talking to me other than to moan at me).

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Baby was up from midnight to 2:45. Put her down asleep 11 times and every time she was awake again in seconds.

Half day today to look after her as she’s off from nursery due to their D&V policy. Will be squeezing in work while she naps and then working this evening. Holiday next week can’t come soon enough.


Listening to Kraftwerk while R has her breakfast and ‘We Are The Robots’ made me think of your R :slightly_smiling_face:


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Good morning
Two thoughts so far today

  1. non stick pans are genuinely amazing, when you think about it
  2. how do you get into football as an adult? Feel like I’d enjoy it but I’ve missed too much, bit like if I tried to get into Corrie now and wouldn’t know who most of the cast are

That’s it for now I think
Have a lovely day everyone


How does she like it?

Actually getting my R to listen to more than robots now which is fun, he likes stuff with a bit of a messy/chaotic edge the most.

Awake now and he was in a cuddly mood so feeling a bit better :blush:


Pick an exciting, newly promoted team from the South West to support (not Swindon).


She’s a fan :slight_smile: She always responds well to bleepy bloopy electronica which obviously warms my heart!


Probably easier to get into another cosplay fandom first for a more welcoming community, then gradually transition into a full kit wanker from there.



was going to bike ride but couldn’t be arsed so I fired up Picross for the first time in ages and beat a puzzle I’d previously really struggled with, so, so satisfying

“work”, I guess :roll_eyes:

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My box of rocks is arriving today. Pretty excited, no way am I waiting for M to come home from nursery to open them. Oh yes, M is back in nursery :tada::tada::tada:

Haircut later but this guy…his instagram is lots of mullets. Pray 4 scout


Really conflicted here between obviously wishing you no ill will whatsoever on the one hand, versus the absolute hilarity of an unwanted mullet on the other.


Furry suits are thousands and thousands of pounds though
Plus I overheat very easily

Woke up at 7, but I’m comfortable and still not got out of bed.

The cat has also made himself comfy.


Was going to say furry might be a good start for you, then you could ease into something closer to an actual person, like a Rangers fan.


Fell asleep. Dreamt @profk made a really good poll.

  • Realistic
  • Unrealistic

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  • Dreams about DiSers making polls
  • Sex dreams

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D & V?
Dumping and vomiting?

Ps. Sorry you’ve had a tiring night. She is ridiculously cute though. And she loves you very much xxx


Morning. I got up early and took my car to the garage for a service and MOT. Nice half hour walk through the park home.


  • Fucked
  • Fine
  • Somewhere in between

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