W.H Lung

I heard one of their songs on Gideon Coe’s 6Music show last week. It was 11 minutes long or something, and reminded me of Spacemen 3, and Campag Velocet vaguely. I can’t find much about them online, apart from a few live videos and one single on Bandcamp. Coe said there’s an album out in March but I can’t find any information about that.

anybody know anything about them?

Been knocking round Manchester/Salford for ages they are on/where on Melodic not heard anything about an album yet:


Saw them twice in 2017 at EOTR and Sea Change Festival and again last November at Corsica Studios - they’re a phenomenal live act with an incredibly charismatic frontman. ‘Inspiration!’ has been on repeat for the past 18 months, so I’m really looking forward to the album if what Coe says is true.

Funny, was thinking about this lot the other day and wondering if they were still together.

Also saw them at End of the Road 2017 and was blown away.

They’ve announced it:

The debut album ‘Incidental Music’ drops 5th April 2019 on Melodic Records.

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This is the song Coe played in full. It’s fantastic! This is the first time in… er ages? that I’ve been excited about a debut album.

Marc Riley played this on his 6Music show last night. Was very good :+1:

I also saw them at EOTR, and they were fantastic - been really excited for new stuff to come out.

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New Track

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Any connection/crossover with Francis Lung?

If so he is a thoroughly ATD GBOL. Don’t know about his music but he is :ok_hand:

Nope own thing.

Francis Lung stiff is really good though hope he one day gets round to properly recording some of those demos that were floating around during when Wu Lyf were active like Keep It Brave and Brooklyn Girls

I only recently found out he was in Wu Lyf.

I remember seeing them skating through the NQ with WL branded skateboards years ago and immediately decided to never listen to a thing they released.

This is why I love DiS (sometimes) this lot would have passed me by without this thread. Really enjoying what I’m hearing…

They are playing Band On The Wall with Working Men’s Club in June should be an excellent evening.

I’ve been trying to think over the last few days who they remind me of, and the closest I’ve got is Appliance, a band who were signed to Mute around 1999, only with a bit more oomph.

In places, (bass lines, vocals) they remind me of the Pale Saints, but I’m sure others have tried to combine shoegaze with krautrock at some point in the past, but I can’t think of any other examples.

Seems that half the debut album is available on Spotify? Says 8 tracks but only four available. Is it an error or a sampler? Anyway - sounds awesome - pre ordering now.

My copy of the LP turned up from the label today. Going to play it after I’ve been to the doctors. Looking forward to it. It’s the clear vinyl version.


Mine arrived yesterday it’s very good.


This is going to be one of the albums of the year. Can’t wait to hear it!

Like others, I was introduced to them at EOTR a couple of years back, and was blown away by how good they were.

IT’S SO GOOD! One song sounds a bit like Flex by Prolapse then some other bits sound like Eat Lights Become Lights and Cavern of Anti-Matter. This is so far up my street that it has unlocked my front door and has plonked itself on the sofa, drinking tea while Alan Partridge is on.

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