W H Lung

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This is pretty good. Could see some shit dancing in the kitchen to this quite happily (high praise from me, genuinely). Remember the last one being a pleasant surprise too.


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Absolutely love this band. One of the best live acts going at the moment, think they could get pretty big if they wanted to.

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The album’s out 3rd September. Manchester Psych Fest is 4th September. I think they might be the “secret festival closing set”.

I hope so since I’m going.

Dinked Edition available and one from Melodic

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I ordered the Dinked from Resident as soon as I saw their tweet. Can’t wait.

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Yeah I figured it out yesterday so I was ready. Rather have a flexi than a cd these days.

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I’ve ordered the Bandcamp melodic vinyl

Never heard of these guys before but their debut is excellent on first listen. Where did you hear about them closing the festival? (Am also going)

I’m just guessing that it’s them doing the secret closing set because:

  1. They are from Manchester and are exactly the sort of band that gets booked for Psych fests.
  2. Their 2nd album is out the day before the festival.
  3. They are playing End of the Road the same weekend (not sure which day though).
  4. They have their own Manchester headline show in December so announcing them on the general festival line-up might hurt ticket sales for that - a secret set would be the answer.

cool makes sense, hope you’re right!

Me too! The poster definitely mentions “A Secret Festival Closing Set”.

Just ordered the new album, cheers for the heads-up. They’re tremendous, seen them live twice. The vocalist’s stage mannerisms are quite something. A Samuel Herring-esque freedom of expression.

Cheers for the heads up on the new single. I loved the debut album, and 2019 was one of those rare years when both my favourite album and favourite song of the year were by the same band. Simpatico People is one of those songs when I first heard it (on Gideon Coe - and he played the whole thing) and I immediately sat up and took notice, and was so excited that it just kept on going. Good work for them to release that as the single. They might have passed me by otherwise.

I hope I get a chance to see them live one day. They seem like the band that might play OFF Festival. Artur Rojek, or at least the people in charge of booking the festival tend to like this kind of band. I remember seeing Factory Floor (I know they’re not the same thing) at that festival without hearing a note of their music before and they blew my head off.

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Album pushed to 8th October fucking pressing plants.

This is a banger.

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Saw them at End of the Road the other day. Such a good band, should be absolutely massive.

This one sounds like a George Michael song (and is brilliant).