Don’t hear people getting accused of wackiness so much nowadays. Or maybe I have become less wacky?

What are your thoughts on this issue? Diminishing wackiness or do people prefer accusing people of other shit more (tory)?

I’m so random, me

You don’t have to be wacky to post here but it helps!

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We’re all MAD in this team! Look at Craig’s socks! Look at them! LOOK AT THEM.

Is this about my copper floor lamp?

The only light that should ever judge/be judged is the light of the Lord.

Yeah, used to find them really annoying but now that the old fascism has emboldened the “I speak my mind, me” lot I think the Scooby Doo Tie brigade are much lower on the shitlist than they used to be.


There did seem to be phase 5 to 6 years ago where the teenagers were describing everything as ‘random’ it drove me mad

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Would you be happy is you were described as whacky? ‘Oh that Balonz is coming round later, he’s a whacky character you never know what your going to get’

Circa 2004 me and a couple of pals lived in fear of being accused of wackiness, got to the point where no one would dare suggest do anything except sit in my friends bedsit, people referred to us as the 4 horsemen. With hindsight it was a bit limiting


being wacky is pretty Tory

Depends who it was. Say if it was @xylo I would punch his nuts off but if it was Susan Sarandon I would be pleased.


Our better adjusted friends were known to as as ‘wacksters’

I think that car racing is the only thing improved by being more wacky


I thought Susan Sarandon was quite a ‘random’ choice too.


the problem with people that are wacky and random and silly out of nowhere is that they are implying that life is just a big old game and everyone else should lighten up, they’re having fun so why shouldn’t everyone else be?

There’s a big difference between this and entering into some mutual temporary fun with people you know.

No that’s improved by being more crazy. Much like paving and the world of Arthur brown


Moved teams at work and received an e-mail from one of my new colleagues that said ‘welcome to the mad house lol I mean the pensions team’. There’s literally 8 people in the team and it’s almost exclusively middle-aged men with short-sleeve shirts tucked in to their trousers. There’s not even a dress code.


What if your lover described you as whacky in the bedroom? I don’t think that would be good?

That’s dodgy sounding phrasing xylo