Waco (and other subjects) Storyville

Any of you watch this? At three hours in total (fage) it’s pretty long but the tv and I both thought it was pretty well made. It filled in a lot of gaps (although I’ve never spent any time researching the whole thing) and in the end made me feel even more sympathetic to the cult and a bit more hatred for the US authorities (what’s new).

I might start pronouncing taco to rhyme with Waco.

Need to see this. Don’t know if I can watch it in Ireland though.

isn’t there any storyville about Ruby Ridge? a similar “fuck up”

can we talk about other storyville’s in here?

this is one of the bleakest, and best documentaries i’ve ever seen

Yes, I was going to make it a general storyville chat thread but didn’t (for no good reason).

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really enjoyed this one on the silk road too

I know it’s not currently available but this was as lovely as it was heartbreaking.

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I loved that. Good score by British Sea Power as well.

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Not a Storyville, but there’s a good podcast series about it called “Standoff: what happened at Ruby Ridge” about it

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