Wading through Wednesday

Morning lovelies!!

Woken up with the banger of Get on up (when you’re down) (keep on movin’) as an earworm so that’s fun.

WFH so saving myself an hours commute and all.

Wearing a brilliant yellow cord pinafore and my best rainbow stripe top to complete the kids telly presenter of the 90s look.

What you up to? Wearing? Doing? Earworm?



Woke up mid-dream that I’d walked into the kitchen and found a load of leftover fish n chips. Genuinely don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed to wake up in my own bed, and not standing in the kitchen microwaving a steak pie :sob: I can even smell it and the vinegar argh. That might be today’s mission.


Morning Slicko! First day of 9 off so obviously been awake since 6.

Still in bed

1x vest, 1x Plymouth Argyle away shorts circa 2015

Not a lot, might read

That new Gwen Stefani single, been lodged in there for days.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day



Gonna try a bit of Yoga.

No earworm. Dreamt I was playing football. Manager as Fulham and tasked a scout with finding me the next Scotty Parker.


Drinking tea

Black jeans, black/green striped top, sushi socks

Working, followed by watching football

Drugstore - El Presidente


Morning all!

Teaching remotely most of the day - my morning class have essays due so will be working on them/ emailing excuses.The afternoon group will need some teaching and I have to work out an assessment schedule for them too.

Currently wearing a floral jumper and jogging bottoms. I’ve joked I am dressed as Kenya Baris from BlackAF before - his jumper game is a strong one. I’ll be dressing in office wear for the hours I’m required to pretend I’m a professional.

Wor Lass is currently rocking a black and orange camo print pinafore dress. I’ve told her she looks like a character from a mid-nineties Nickelodeon sitcom and she is very happy with that.

Current earworm is the Hamster Kitty song from Gabby’s Dollhouse.


Lay awake last night with my memory scrolling through all my most memorable festival moments (most of them very very embarrassing). So that was an interesting stroll down memory lane.

morning team,
got a lot of work to get through today so got into work pretty sharp.
dressed in black today apart from my converse which are white. was listening to the new 4 tet en route to the office earlier.

happy wednesday troops.


Very good earworm, that.

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(Earworm is I Feel Love by Donna Sumner)


Really hope the docs can do something to help, that sounds so nasty and it would be very good if you could get some sleep without pain xxx


Got R off to school and now I have returned to bed for the hour and a bit I get before he is home. Wanted to go back to sleep but made the mistake of coffee

Pyjamas for now, comfy dress with leggings and oversized jumper later

Trying to steel myself for the inevitable tantrums that will come with my terrible decision to take TV away for the day as a consequence for some behaviour at bedtime last night. Hoping to get through the day with enough energy left to watch a film tonight while working on my needle felting project.

A Neil Young song I can never remember the name of that was covered on the Low live stream last week. Getting a bit annoying so I might use my foolproof earworm killer on it.

Your outfit sounds properly incredible btw

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Inexplicably my earworm is

DM’s, black jeans and a bright blue thick knit jumper.

My day for homeschooling, so juggling that with (a) work and (b) regretting the hot sauce that I put on last nights dinner.

Gangsta’s Paradise.

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Wearing jeans and jumper.
Doing work. Not enjoying work.
Earworm still ICU by Phoebe Bridgers.

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Still in my pjs
Still in bed
Ear worm is that fucking just eat snoop dog advert


Those adverts work for me in a really unexpected way.


Morning @Slicky @frenchtoast @anon19035908 @aboynamedgoo @unlucky @keith @shinymcshine @Lo-Pan @tuna @wileycat and honourable mentions to Flashinglight, Roastthemonaspit, Weeber, Twinkletoes, Meowington and Rob.Orch plus anyone else who posts below :arrow_down:

:sunny: DAYLIGHT UPDATE :sunny: there is more daylight today:

  • 2m43 in London
  • 3m22 in Edinburgh
  • 2m52 in King’s Lynn

Hoodie, trousers, two pairs of socks, slippers

Working and homeschooling at the same time! Mrs CCB is in work-work today, increasing her changes of catching COVID by 90% (according to stats, yay for teaching)

:musical_note: Well I was Wading through Wednesday / I was wading within ten feet of Ian Beale :musical_note:

  • just logging into work
  • jeans, tee shirt, hoody - standard answers
  • eating peanut butter on toast (no butter)
  • a bit of blur :
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