Wah wah guitar



From 02:20 on here. Ronald Jones was a fucking genius.


obvs Jimi too. best ever.


most obvious example that this is a silly take




imagine if Jimi had just played with a slightly gritty clean tone though! The best hendrix bits are when he does a cheeky little lick in the middle of something, I don’t need his willy waving orgasm solos


Castles Made of Sand is the best Hendrix song anyway, don’t recall any wah on that just backwards guitar effects bits in places


I bloody love it when he got wanky.

almost every other guitarist trying that can gtfo, but with Jimi, it was like he was teasing open… like… psychotropic windows thru space-time… yeh??


you listened to that Funkadelic tune? Eddie Hazel on that, Bam. just incredible. “play like your mother just died”. could not have gotten such a brain-melting sound without wah.


sometimes it was good but if you strip away the mythology and stuff his faster playing can be kinda annoying to me. I guess it’s all about the spectacle which can’t really be repeated in an age where any sound can sound like anything else easily.


I will listen now


I feel like it’s just like any sound - if you have a subtle hand, a sense of taste, you can make it work.

he didn’t make it just about the wah. it was all cohesive, his musicianship extended into the effects, he wielded them like extended techniques. his forays into noisy solos are much more out there than any other would-be Jimi. hardly any contemporaries or descendents even the same galaxy tbh.


yeah wah is ok when you don’t hear the wah part, like it’s good to be able to put intense piercing on treble at times but hearing that sweep often feels like a cheap gimmick


think Nels Cline’s solo stuff sounds more interesting, doesn’t really seem fair to be rating musicians in this way tbh though, I always hated those “who is the best guitarist/who can play the most notes the most technically” kind of discussions


thing I’m saying about Jimi (and Eddie Hazel and etc) tho is their musicality rather than having ridiculous technique - they know how to utilise theirs.

nothing cheap about Maggot Brain, btw. stone cold classic.


I enjoyed parts of it, especially towards the end when it was getting fizzy and more distorted but there was plenty of pentatonic widdling too


it’s not aimless or tasteless, though? I hate pentatonic fret-wanking, but that tune is pure, excoriating emotion.


personally I just don’t see it, parts are good but there’s sections like in the middle with the delay where it sounds to me like somebody stoned just riffing around.


these are still my two favourite solos I think :slight_smile: