Wah wah guitar



Stone Temple Pilots “Vasoline” is a subtle one. The intro apparently was created by Robert DeLeo running his bass through a wah wah.


How could I almost forget:

“Billy often uses a wah pedal before the distortion set in the middle somewhere for solos, and another one after the distortion is used for that “weeesh wash wish” sound you hear a lot(think about the first Slunk solo).” - spfc.org




Every time Kim Thayil used it too


A thousand leaves :maple_leaf:


Wah wah is underrated for more subtle uses, really enhances other effects, adds a bit of movement


What, The Kiss would?


If ever a song was ruined by wah wah guitar, it was that.


dead meadow, especially shivering king era, you motherfuckers

there is literally no better effect combination than wah + fuzz/distortion + space echo



I bought a wah-wah pedal as a student purely so I could play Voodoo Child (Slight Return) and never really used it much after except to leave it set at the top to give attenuation for soloing for the very brief period I did that sort of thing.

I later sold it (actually did I sell it or just give it? Can’t recall) to @jordan_229 when he was in London.


A good entry for the music hot takes thread, that.


Came here to post this - they recorded the drums through a wah wah pedal. I think it’s the apex of music to be honest.


Shame on all of you.

Close thread.




Let’s not forget the guitar solo in Unbelievable by EMF.