"Wait a minute, this isn't Albatross!" (Awful riddles thread)


The last riddles thread was a runaway success or a total washout (depending on your point of view). Let’s see what new DiS thinks of it.

Guess away or ask questions that I can answer yes or no to.

Or don’t, see if I care, this isn’t all I’ve got in my life.

(It is).

Worst (innocuous) thread ever?
What have been the best threads since this time last week?
How much do you trust people?

What are we meant to be guessing here?


That’s not a riddle, it’s a tragic story.

I’m sorry for your loss.


How is this a riddle? Is… is that the riddle?

Fuck this shit tbh.


The circumstances of their deaths.


… and?


drowning? fuck off saps.


The all drowned.



(phone tried to correct “loss” to “kids” and made me do an office lol)


Why did they drown you twats?


Because they couldn’t swim.

Come on, give us the next one!


They were all good swimmers.


Because their boat was on fire miles and miles away from land. You’re welcome.


You’re making this up as you go along.


An Apache helicopter gunned them down. Doesn’t matter why.

Next “riddle”, please.


Chandler got jealous that nobody had invited him. “COULD I BE ANY MORE PISSED?”* he yelled as he ran them all over with his speedboat.

*He’s American so he’s going to say pissed meaning annoyed, not drunk


They all jumped from a plane without a parachute


they were all freshwater fish and died due to their low salinity tolerance


mass suicide


Ross, as the largest friend, simply ate the others.