"Wait a minute, this isn't Albatross!" (Awful riddles thread)

  • This is basically the NEW quiz thread and you’re all dicks
  • You’re all dicks because this is basically the NEW quiz thread
  • You all suck (quiz thread)

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There’s definitely a divide between the thinkers and the doofuses.


They’re the sort of people that wouldn’t remember to put their ice knife in a thermos, thus end up unarmed at the crime scene. Which wouldn’t even be a crime scene as they couldn’t commit a crime.


too easy i prefer the trousers one

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No, her heels remain intact. Shoes and feet.

2 words: Death Bunion.


The shoes are poisonous?

They most certainly are not.

She got these from the Guiseppe sto’.

Are they specialist shoes for some kind of activity (e.g. walking boots, ice skates)?

They’re fucking high heels mate. Look at them.

She only had enough money to either buy the shoes or pay off the loan sharks. She did not choose well


I cannot believe that this is still going on

No, not specialist at all.

Standard high heel shoes.

I have heard this one before so I’m resisting the urge to steam in a look like I’ve Sherlocked the answer!

The proprietor of the shoe shop - or someone that works there - is a serial killer, and his “thing” is to murder whoever buys the first pair of shoes on any given day.

Gets her foot stuck in a drain, can’t kick the shoe off, falls victim to an opportunistic ice-knifing

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Nice guess.

This mystery has nothing to do with money owed to crooks. Or to anyone for that matter.