"Wait a minute, this isn't Albatross!" (Awful riddles thread)


Well it was for @Raanraals to come back on. Why hasn't he?

So someone sent the message to worry the millionaire into buying a gas mask but the one he was sold was actually full of poisonous gas?

So he was killed by a gas mask salesman?


Locked himself in an airtight room to avoid the gas but then suffocated.


Hmm, I'm trying to find the photo of the back of the card.

Jen sent me loads but then everyone lost interest and I'm not sure where they are.


I gave up. I'm not bloody Miss Marple.


Right, so the cylinder our victim breathed from was actually full of poison gas.

But the killer was not the manufacturer or seller of the apparatus.


"Your death surrounded by pains" is a red herring. It should be 'panes' and refers to the millionaire being lured into a fart filled greenhouse.


It should indeed be panes.


someone was trying to steal the millionaire's money so gassed him.



Window cleaner?


no, I'm just nosy


Greenhouse is a good shout.


Is there a poisonous plant?






Is the fact the victim is a millionaire relevant?


No. There's glass in front and behind him.


A car then?

Are we saying they'd fed his exhaust back into the car somehow?


Not a car.

No, he died because his breathing equipment that he was carrying with him as a defence turned out to be filled with poison gas.

Who might have access to it?




Pest control?