"Wait a minute, this isn't Albatross!" (Awful riddles thread)


I got my arm stuck in one of those once.


was someone trying to gas you?


I probably broke wind in terror and came close to gassing myself.


Well done Raanraals and Boothy who collectively solved the gas case.

Here’s another.


Pat wanted Mike’s life insurance money, killed him, saw the bit of paper (which was a letter saying his policy had been cancelled), had a heart attack and died.


Hang on, let me read the card. It’s been ages.


Pat didn’t want Mike’s insurance money.

Pat didn’t kill Mike.

He didn’t see the paper.

The paper wasn’t about a policy.

Pat didn’t have a heart attack.

But you know, apart from that…


So I was right that Pat died.


Is the paper a suicide note?


Pat killed Mike just how he intended to. Then he wrote a shopping list. The combined exertion of the two activities was such that he felt like he needed a sit down, so he did. Then he died.


Did Pat die of a very severe paper cut?


Are they identical twins?


Yes, Pat is dead.

Well done, Sherlock.




Does this involve hitting the skillet to make a loud bang so that ~scrolls up~ Mike has a heart attack from the shock?


Is the brother already dead when skillet man walks into the room?


See above.

Pat didn’t write anything.

Pat did sit down.

He did die.


No. Not ludicrous though, for sure.


Yes, Mike is already dead.


so the paper is Mike’s suicide note? it reveals a piece of information so guilt-inducing and heartbreaking that the would be murderer can’t live with himself and kills himself (the dent in Mike’s head isn’t a Skillet but a bullet or something else self-inflicted)