"Wait a minute, this isn't Albatross!" (Awful riddles thread)


You take that back!


I think it's fair to say that old Mike was a bit reckless and didn't really care what happened to his brother.


Extraordinarily far-fetched.


I do wonder if someone boiled down the average Agatha Christie to one of these cards, would it seem any less far fetched?


You've been following this thread, right?




Shouldn't we wait till next week?

Oh actually I'm interviewing most of Monday and Tuesday.


Nah just sling it up on 'ere


are you applying to be a detective


Of course!

No. I'm on the panel.


LSolved it! His Amazon delivery was due on Monday but Yodel couldn't find his house because he lives on a road with names not numbers so in a fit of rage he took the shotgun from his nearest milk farm and decided to hold hostage any driver from his local depot until he found the one that was unable and/or unwilling to find his house. Also his next door neighbour was pregnant BUT allergic to peanuts, and had blue slippers on. Obviously.




suicide cult


4/20 was yesterday man, blaze it


They were killed by lethal dentistry. All the clocks were set to 2.30




No sir.


Three death row inmates taken to a weapons testing zone in one of those fake towns a la Indiana Jones & Crystal Skull. Clocks stop at nuclear blast, but all three have pardons on the same day so technically innocent.


It's the calling card of a deranged serial killer who calls himself THE STOPPED CLOCK - because he's right twice a day.


Does the fact there are stopped clocks give a clue to the cause of death?