"Wait a minute, this isn't Albatross!" (Awful riddles thread)


Difficult, difficult, lemon difficult.


The clocks had not just been bought. No batteries involved. These devices run off the mains.





Japan. Power cut. Ninja style killings.


These aren’t clocks as such.

There are clocks involved but the devices aren’t clocks.

That’s to mislead you, innit.


Not power cut exactly.


Are they ovens. That have a clock on them?


like a device with a clock on it like an oven or a VCR


Electrical surge?






All electrocuted? Bad earthing?


That’s your lot for now.


is it the plot of the film The Ring?


They were electrocuted.




I was wondering if maybe it was to do with Pacemakers? Maybe the murderer uses an EMP burst to kill people with pacemakers?


Right that really is your lot. Might look at this in an hour or so.


Hang on hang on hang on… The use of ‘Elevator’ makes it seem that these things are American, but then why the reference to ‘Ground floor’, don’t they call the ‘Ground floor’ the ‘First floor’ in the US of A? I think Saps is writing these himself.

Full disclosure: I’m at work on a Saturday, bored out of my mind and I’m reading this entire thread from the beginning like a novel.


I don’t know for sure where the Dark Stories come from. The later cards are definitely American though from a game called Crack the Case.

Amazing work reading the thread from the start!