WAIT. Do you guys’ advent calendars go to 24 or 25?

For context: We celebrate christmas on the 24th and our advent calendars go to 24.

Please and thank you

I did have a picture one that went to 25 as a Kid, but is was the only one I’ve seen that does that, and it was wrong to do so.


24th traditionally but they’ve started adding in extra bits for the 25th on some

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Would actually say 25 used to be the norm and you’d get a bigger choc with that but 24 seems tk be most common now

There’s 24 days of advent afaik

(But calendars now often have a bonus 25th window)

1980-1995 - 24 windows
1995-2015 25 windows
2015+ 24 windows

I reckon


I wish it could be advent every day


It depends when Advent Sunday is. Sometimes it’s more than 24, sometimes it’s fewer.

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  • 24
  • 25
  • Scumbag advent calendar that goes up to new year

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It’s 24 until it’s 25. That’s how it works.

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Reckon we need to revolutionise the two festive calendars and bring them into one tidy package with the 12 doors of Christmas tagged on immediately after advent.

Never seen one that goes up to 25, seems a bit silly.

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There are two advent calendars in this house (no, I didn’t get one and before you ask I’M NOT BITTER ABOUT IT), one goes to the 24th and one goes to the 25th. So, in conclusion :man_shrugging:

We’ve a wooden one with drawers. I guess 24 works best mathematically for lining up rows and columns.

This is very true, advent and December aren’t interchangeable.

Maybe this is why we’re okay to open presents in the evening over here. At least we have pur calendars to open on the morning of

  1. Which is a BIG disappointment

If it doesn’t go up to the 25th then it’s not an event calendar imo


When I was a kid in the 70s and 80s it was always the 24th and what’s more (or less depending on how you look at it) there was no chocolate behind the door. Just a little Christmas picture and we used the same calendar again the following year. That was good enough for us!

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