Waiting for any deliveries? (banal)

Got anything good coming in the post?

I’ve got some fancy Netrunner tokens made from PCB on the way. That’s all.

(1 hour 20 minutes)

yeah a kettle lead

was meant to be here today. it’s not.

I’ve got a couple spare, you should have asked.

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was waiting for a sim card but it seems they they delivered it to my parents’ house even though I specifically told them not to

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Nightmare, now your parents will suspect you have a phone

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Stick them on eBay, someone will want them.

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Insoles and a recent Judge Dredd collection.

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~flash forward six months~


Got a mini fridge being delivered tomorrow, to replace my 10+ year old one.

I told them I didn’t have one so they wouldn’t contact me!

every aspect of buying this new phone has had some stupid complication and this has subsequently annoyed me much more than it should - especially since I’m probably going to theirs tomorrow anyway

Every Empire Falls. Been meaning to pick it up for a while but it’s always £20 in the shops, so used it to pad out the insoles order to get free delivery on Amazon.

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That’s cool!

Do NOT be tempted to get the Firefly Encounters deck building game btw, unless you’re really keen to own a bunch of cards that look like they were nicked from bad DeviantArt pages.

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A new Iron Maiden T shirt, the new Thou EP (which is freaking awesome by the way - maybe one for the heavy thread) as well as their split with Moloch, and the Cloud Rat/Moloch split.

Oh and a Zoroaster record which is taking forever.

I really need to stop buying records.

arrived today:
Bike jersey
Some bike tools
Bike work stand
Bike tyres and tubes

En route in the next week or 2:
Bike wheels

Officially Licensed Product™

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Bought an Idles t-shirt for the TV that is yet to arrive, probably tomorrow.
Bought a bow tie as I’m playing a James Bond Tribute Night at the weekend, it’s probably coming tomorrow too.

Jesus Christ they’re bad! :face_vomiting:

I can’t stop looking at Talent.