Waitrose Picks



Anyone else in on this sweet deal?

For those who aren’t - you can select 8 (maybe 10?) items from selected lines on the waitrose website and then use your MyWaitrose card to get 20% off them whenever you go shopping. No limit to the amount you can buy I don;t think.

Me and the wife have co-ordinated so we have double the picks, as we get most of our food elsewhere basically means 20% off our shopping bill (or the price of shopping in a normal supermarket). It does mean I have to put all of my shopping through in two batches at the self service till and remember what items go with which cards.

Anyway I need to update mine (which I think you can do every 2 months?) as I’ve kinda lost track. I know I’ve got the massive jar of marmite on one of the cards. And feta. And yoghurt. Can’t remember what else.

What are your picks?


Dunno what you’re talking about, mate. We just buy whatever the fuck we want from Ocado. It’s only money, isn’t it.


yeah it’s class


yeah i know. what are your picks?


It’s absolute bullshit, what kind of penoid sits at home and preloads potential offers on their card before they go shopping? You might as well cut loads of coupons out of the paper. Glad I don’t live near a Waitrose any more, it was starting to piss me right off.


love the waitrose picks. wait until they ring up all the items on the register before whipping out the card and enjoying that total go right down.

current picks:

Helda beans
Chicken madeira ready meal
Sweet Potatoes
Chopped tomatoes
Cottage pie ready meal
Spinach and ricotta cannelloni ready meal
mixed salad leaves


me :disappointed:


Can’t be bothered. When I looked at this last time the items you could select was stuff I’d never buy anyway.


such obvious trolling. really 2009 level stuff


really? there’s hundreds and hundreds on there


Enjoy your spinach and ricotta cannelloni ready meal at Reading.


I’ll have another look now and shall report back


I’m with you on this Picks thing being bollocks, but 'trose is still great. The self-service tills are the best in the game and no mistake. Cracking range of soups and sandwiches too.


their calorie controlled ready meals are very good and filling.


Spot on here mate.

Spot. On.


can’t remember exactly because I don’t keep too close an eye on it but I think:

Rocket leaves
Black beans
Orange juice
Bog roll (eco)
Wholegrain bread
Yoghurt coleslaw
Sweet tomatoes


I nearly fell for it. I tell you what though, I hate the queues in one of the two near me, I walked out and left a fully loaded basket in an aisle one day because of it. That day both waitrose and myself did a lot of soul searching.


Seems far too much effort. Was better when they just had random shit at 20% off around the shop.

Mind you, since the woman no longer works there, I’ve only been very occasionally and never to do a full shop.

Just Ocado it instead


I always used to think Ocado was set up by Waitrose, but apparently they just have a partnership deal.


would love to shop at waitrose, but like @penoid , I’m a true working class hero