Waitrose Picks



Nope, nothing to do with em, other than basically being a supplier.

Waitrose do their own, far inferior, home shopping effort, if not getting most of what you ordered is your thing…


i want to know what you think of these choices smee.


spare a thought for our friend in ireland (and to a lesser extent the rest of the world) who don’t have a waitrose. Although the good people of lisburn have been teased with the prospect for some years now.



(actually don’t like waitrose that much)


I don’t remember saying that but there it is in black and white and grey.


can you smash C-Bingerz on the picks?


It’s no Booths


struggling. chocolate biscuits?



sorry mate. they’re great choices. honestly. i’d buy every one of them (except maybe rocket) if it wasn’t for the fact I get all my dry goods and fresh fruit and veg elsewhere. Think I’ve got eggs on mine too


I can confirm that CBs stuff is in the picks. Filled my freezer with the fish pies.


cheers pal, going to fucking rinse this then. Loves me a Chazza Biggo. FYI @Antpocalypsenow



I have done my picks:

Waitrose creamy & tangy Greek feta cheese
Gallo risotto rice carnaroli premium
Hillfarm extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil
Waitrose medium egg noodles
Waitrose orange juice with bits
Waitrose Cashmere Quilted Toilet Rolls
Cauldron 6 lincolnshire sausages
Waitrose pink grapefruit juice
essential Waitrose couscous
Napolina Penne Rigate Bronze Die Pasta




YES! a hit!

Waitrose: “cheers nice one smee”




do we reckon they’re actually made of cashmere then


dem quilted toilet tissues are no good for the environment @adybongo


would probably feel uncomfortable wearing my cashmere jumper now.