Wake up babe, new Sunday just dropped

Fucking hell: it’s dance show day. Hundreds of excited and pissed off kids converging on my location as we speak.

Pray for xylo

ps: retroactive HB, GBOS to @shrewbie


Oh no
Blaming Spider-Man GIF


@moderators can we merge the Sundays?

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I think you were here first.

I thought you had it by a minute?

Oh wait you’re right. I was looking at ‘most recent post’

Not feeling the best after a painfully spicy Thai last night, wooft

Lazy day ahead mostly, gotta sort an outfit out but otherwise doss about, tidy, read, consider the cinema

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Ah man. This is age isn’t it? I used to be a spice warrior and now I take a hit on anything past two chilli symbols :frowning:

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Mostly this was amateur move of ordering from a new place and not considering how wildly things vary. It was a 2-er which is fine at my usual spots but here … I felt woozy after lol

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Bad nights sleep. Off to the gym and pool soon.

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On Thursday lunchtime we had no plans for this weekend. Right now we’re getting ready to head off to see The Boss in Cardiff (!). Hoping the roads aren’t awful, and looking forward to the customary rain that appears whenever we cross the border.




Woke at six but didn’t get up, laying in bed with the radio on felt like a lie in but still got a whole day ahead as jumped in the shower at half 7

Big plans for going to the boot sale and round my mum’s for a cup of tea

Then it’s lounging and gardening I guess

Alright. Fed the kids their breakfasts, washing is on the line, washed up. Now I’m vacating the house for the day. Meeting some mates down in Chichester for a stomp over the downs and back before watching quins inevitably lose their European cup semi final.

However, I’m not really super sure I can cba today. I’m tired.


Gonna try get snooker tixs for next year

But that’s a year away

Yeah I’m planning on staying alive til then


See tickets was saying sold out straight away. 13000th in a queue on Crucible website

The official birthday party day after two warm up days. Why did i do this to myself. Going bowling in town and then karaoke. Lol if any of those little dorks think they’re actually getting a turn on the mic though.


Morning all!

The biggest achievement this morning is that I’ve finally worked out how to stop the heating coming on in the new house.

Today is a general day of unpacking and life admin. The Child needs to be at cheerleading this afternoon and I need to do a grocery run. I should probably clear some of the address updates we need to do too but I won’t commit to any of them at this stage.

Up with revenge bairn. Was watching MOTD but realised i just don’t care so I’ve got the latest series of curb oh instead.

Shoulder, neck and arm still absolutely gowpin, so slapped on some deep heat and lobbed a ibuprofen.

Ten mile run done. Day of lots of football, last men’s home game I can make and last women’s home game of the season, so doing both. Means I did all the usual Sunday chores yesterday, oddly liberating.

Never been to two football matches in one day, feels a lot of effort.