wake up everyone, its the Thursday morning thread

think it is now official Cold Season :cold_face:

might try to take myself off to see Book of Mormon later but looks v sold out and tbh not so sure how much I want to see a raucous comedy show alonw

please report in below

Off to the hospital this afternoon. I have to drink a litre of water and then get on a bus. Having a full bladder is one of my least favourite things.

Not really relishing it



Dashing to town to pick a few thing up and hoping i dont miss a delivery i paid extra to arrive today :grimacing:

Just realised i have a meeting at 10. Ooooops. Why do i schedule these things on my day off?

19 degrees today m8, taps aff

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Not much going on today really. Got a tour later so will be at work late. Might make burgers for tea.

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Hey. Drained and seasoned some veg stock I’ve had going overnight. Waiting for my mum to come round so I can go off to work. Exciting

I can see why doing that would be tiring

An excellent diser has made sure this is a great day before I’ve even had my breakfast :blush:


Officially got quite a thick shirt on and plotting to go for an Autumnal walk and a roast on Sunday, going to try and enjoy this period before the clocks change


Run out of beans before I could have my second coffee, having a tea instead but feels wrong

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Really thought you meant baked beans there and was trying to piece together your weird breakfast ritual.



Cycled in at 4.30 and it was quite chilly but not quite cold enough that I didn’t end up too warm in my jacket. Does that make sense? Probably not.

Was at work for 5.15. Sat around for 3 hours. Drove a train to Worcester and now travelling back as a passenger. Think I can cope with doing just an hour of ‘work’ for the day.

Should be home by 11.30. Walk dog. Have lunch. Want to try and mow the grass but it’s probably too wet after yesterday’s deluge, so probably be on the Xbox for a bit (all afternoon) instead.

Too late in the year to be mowing grass. Leave it for the lovely bugs to sleep in.

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Very tired after the Alvvays gig last night, miss the days of being a short walk home from the venue. Got a meeting shortly where I have to discuss last 6 months performance, so much fun.

Fortunately the sun is out, so hopefully a short lunch stroll is an option.

Fine. That’s all the convincing I need. I’ll at least do a dog poo patrol though. Think he’s running out of places to shit.

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Morning everyone,

Found someone on Instagram who’s posted lots of useful items for the kitchen. Dangerous.

Doing battle with Evri again today, so will be rummaging around the other buildings nearby later on probably. Had my mum on the phone last night stressed out by them too. Blub.

Also want to add more clothing to Vinted to sell.

Has anyone else used this to sell clothing? I think it’s very good but I’m already selling things for such a low price (like 3-5 quid) some items are brand new. Then I get someone asking for a few pound off :laughing: i know that’s just an aspect of how it works, but i keep on getting the absolute rage… which I need to get over. Ultimately I’m just happy to get something for them tbh.

I recently started using Vinted too to sell some of my stuff and F’s clothes she has grown out of. Completely agree with you, its a great idea and concept but a little painful when stuff still with tags on ends up going for a couple of quid. Like you say, good to get someone for them and get them out of the way too though.

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Morning @JaguarPirate et al :wave:

Got baby sensory today, first class we’ve been well enough go all week. Need to go supermarket get some wraps for tea too.

Just having a coffee and (re)watching The Office (US).

Bit of a tough day for me, today is (cw death) 12 years since my Dad passed away. I miss him so much. I feel a bit more sad today too with having baby s_w and that she never gets to know her Grandad. I’ll be fine, just need to keep busy I reckon.

Might go for a walk this afternoon if the weather stays dry.