Wake up! It’s a Thursday morning

I slept - glory be!

Listening to Canadian jangle to get me in the mood for the day

Up and at em kids

Was going to go to that Birmingham record club again tonight but I’m feeling a bit rough and I don’t want to be dependent on the last train home on one of those uncertain days between strike days, so I need to find some other way of treating myself today I think.

Don’t talk yourself out of record club!

Get a load of fruit juice into your body during the day (maybe some cold and flu?)

Drive to Birmingham!


Sadly I’m already on le train :frowning:

Is one of those things though where my head’s wrestling between am I actually not feeling up to it or am I nervous etc etc

Silly manches

Morning all!

My sleep was interrupted several times by animals in the loft. There’s a guy coming today (hopefully) to stop them getting in.

I have quite an easy day planned and my afternoon class are supposed to be working on coursework so I won’t see many of them online. I think I’m going onto campus to collect some things later this morning so might walk of the weather isn’t appalling. It’s currently windy and wet.

I might accept transport issues as a reason not to go on this occasion.

But you should exhaust all of the alternative options before you decide you’re not going.

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what is this please!?


Morning DiS :wave:

Not too awful sleep but im shattered from being back at work Mon-Weds :sleeping:.

Currently still in my pjs drinking a coffee and watching Fraiser. Had porridge with mini for breakfast. Golden syrup for me, strawberry and banana for her.

Off to Norfolk tomorrow morning for the weekend, so will be packing today but have baby sensory at 11am first.

In laws for Father in laws birthday tea tonight.


Ready and raring to go for a bike ride but my GPS thingamy is playing silly buggers and won’t load the route :neutral_face:

Going into town today! Have a meeting. Think i’m going to be mediating basically which should be fun.

Haven’t been in for ages so might treat myself to a fag by the cathedral. I really know how to live.

Morning off the school run also which is so nice.

Anyway, t’ra a bit folks. have fun

Eh Oop

Nursery run done. Now to kill time until work at 3pm. Probably walking, but it’s raining currently. Listening to meg baird. Is lovely

This is the worst. We had squirrels once. Horrid

I also slept! I woke up every 45 mins or so BUT i fell asleep before 2am so progress at least.

Was meant to be hanging out with a pal today but he’s rescheduled. Got tons of tidying to do and CBT and an appointment this afternoon.

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I slept! Until 4.30 when kiddo woke up for an hour. Car’s getting a service, then later I am meeting a new therapist. Probably gonna go for a walk in the snow too - it’s a stunner of a day


Dream chat

Remember super cat hunk Bam. Had a dream that he was still alive and he came to live with me and Dali and Picasso asked to paint us. Then Picasso heard me accuse him of heing a paedophile and he threatened to steal Bam. Man, i loved Bam so much.


Morning, youngest kneed me in the face yesterday by accident my left side of my face is in absolute agony. If anyone has really strong pain killers that last more than 4 hours drop them off outside Victoria, cheers

Did they go for your nuts?

ho ho. I’ll be here all week

I can send you the private Whatsapp link where they tend to announce them if you want