Wake up it’s Friday

Good morning.

Got an aeropress coffee. Going to an Anglo-Indian fusion pub tonight!

Life’s alright :+1:

Tell me about your days please x

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Hi tilts.

The toddler has been very very bad at sleeping recently so just had to get up to see if I could settle her. She’s asleep with her dad now.

Time for a bike ride, I think.

I also might have an Aeropress.

So, yeah. Bike, work, maybe lunchtime gym.

I do feel like I’ve got a cold coming :skull::skull: which is bad because my partner has been ill with some sort of lurgy for a week now :upside_down_face::melting_face:


Sounds good pniks, I’ve been thinking about rejoining a gym, OR I might just utilise the gym weights at the local climbing centre. Love the feeling of climbing after, even if I only do the wall round the side rather than up and down. Some gyms are better than others tho. (Alright morrissey)

Hope ya get oot on ya bike.

I’m gonna make Turkish eggs for brekko I have decided

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Just finishing this coffee then I’m offfffff.

Do it!!! I love lifting weights. Can’t be bothered with cardio at the gym.


Alright. Get to spend a day on the coast, and it looks beautiful today.


Morning. Swapped beds with the 4 year old for a second night in a row. Surprisingly comfy sleeping in a single bed with steps. Listening to an 87 minute flute album. Work then film night, film picked by a 4 year old. Please not frozen again!

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Gotta read Swedish workplace law & the new Swedish collective agreement for Film & TV this morning & then this afternoon & evening I have to interview a DoP, a producer, a director & a child actor

Also have to read the manuscript for Everything, Everywhere, All at once

So, no heavy lifting but my brain is gonna be fried by this evening


Can’t wait for 3pm tbh as I am then out of work and across the fields with the dog ahead of what will be big packing time

Got my Friday gold and black stripe dress on to celebrate


Morning troops, slept with the dog last night and he kept kissing me. Cute. But also minging.

Got a few handover meetings then I am going to the school to play bingo with my kids. Then off for a week. Cannot wait.


Quiet day at work today I think (:crossed_fingers:) so going to finish a job application.

Seeing the gf tonight. Going to make a prawn curry.


I’ve got a day off and we’re going to a spa as a wedding gift.



Didn’t have a very productive day yesterday so I need one today. No exciting plans but lots of new releases I want to listen to throughout the day.

I’m off work today but this orrid cold is making me not want to do anything

Might call tp (a) cancel my annual leave today and then (b) say I’m calling in sick

Mother In Law is staying which is fine but it means the youngest is in the travel cot in our room and cause he thinks night is the time to play peek a boo with his Mother I slept downstairs last night. So I have been woken by the cat at 3:23 and then at 5:17 so I am knackered. Meanwhile everyone else got a full nights sleep, fucking karma on me that.

Also, I decided to stop drinking coffee about 10 days ago - this time of the year in Sweden you’re fried & discombobulated quite enough by it being dark at 4pm and it’s freezing & everyone is strung out & moody as fuck, plus coffee in town costs a fortune.

It’s been great. I’ve felt a lot more chill and am already sleeping a bit better. But right now I am absolutely desparate for a double shot latte from the place around the corner

  • Hook it to your veins m8 it’s the good stuff
  • Cold Turkey is the only way
  • Stop procrastinating on DiS & finish reading Arbetsmiljölag AFS 2012:3 supp 2018:8
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You are right. Beautiful. My Wahoo said 1°c for most of that.


… Frozen 2


6 in a single is some going