Wake up - it’s the first Monday of the month

definitely relevant and not-late video below


Gotta do lots over the next two weeks if I’ll manage to make it away in my trip successfully eep

Off to the Exorcist tonight

Coffee first though

Nice to see traditional celebration of the first 2nd of the month, for a change.


It’s the first Monday of the month as well. So many firsts.

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Just asked ChatGPT for a good sickie excuse etc and it refused, violation of content policy. Says a lot that they’ve decided that that is a violation.

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Hmm, minor malfunction there

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Morning. Today my WFH companion is determined to get in on the action



In the office today. It seems to be getting busier on wednesdays - when I arrived at the gym all four running machines were being used. Thankfully there were two free ones by the time I’d changed into my PE kit.

I’m going to bunk off early later to go and see my nephew who turns ten today. TEN! Ridiculous.

I’m writing a short story, and the main character is trying to think of an excuse to phone in sick for work. Any ideas?

Certainly! Here are some classic and creative excuses your main character could consider:

  1. Food Poisoning: “I think I ate something bad last night. I’ve been up all night feeling sick.”

  2. Migraine: “I have a severe migraine, and even light and sound are causing me extreme pain.”

  3. Flu Symptoms: “I’ve come down with flu-like symptoms, and I don’t want to risk spreading it.”

  4. Family Emergency: “There’s been a family emergency that I need to attend to immediately.”

  5. Dental Emergency: “I broke a filling/tooth and have managed to get an emergency dentist appointment.”

  6. Allergic Reaction: “I had a severe allergic reaction to something and need to see a doctor.”

  7. Car Trouble: “My car won’t start, and I’m waiting for the mechanic or tow truck.”

  8. Home Emergency: “There’s been a leak/flood/fire in my house. I need to handle it and call the insurance.”

  9. Doctor’s Appointment: “I have a last-minute doctor’s appointment that I can’t miss.”

  10. Mental Health Day: “I’m feeling really overwhelmed and mentally exhausted. I need a day to recoup for my well-being.”

Remember, if your story is set in a specific setting, time, or world, you may want to tailor these excuses to fit that environment.


I’m so confused by this sequence of sentences


rob is a personal trainer to the stars

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Oops - meant to say busier on mondays

(Wednesdays used to be my office days, but there’s roadworks on my journey in so I’ve swapped for a different day for a bit)

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Well, i’m gonna have that stuck in my head for the day now. May as well give in and just listen to E. 1999 Eternal


Last day on holiday :weary::weary::weary::weary::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Morning DiS,

Monday. Been up since 5am, thanks to mini just being awake. In the office and on my 3rd coffee of the day.

Pizza day though today so free lunch (just have to listen to the very long and drawn out company update before hand - I can deal). Getting busy at work now we’ve hit Q4 and in the run up to our peak.

Not much else to report tbh.

I ran 12 miles for no reason yesterday and have sore everything

Missing my boy who went to university this week. :broken_heart:


Toddler actually went to bed and slept properly so looks like Saturday night was a weird blip.

Gonna go for a run at lunchtime, was very good over the weekend, had no treats. I really want treats tho. :cry:

Treats are important.


Having to watch a webinar that is so objectionable I’m just sitting there seething


it’s not wednesday.