WAKE UP. It's the Saturday thread

Went to the actual, actual gym. Now on the way to work. Tell me of your day, and if possible show me of your breakfast

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i got up at 9:30 this morning and it was really dark and it turned out it was in fact 5:30 so i then went back to bed.

going to jump on the bike for a wee spin then will be playing with my nephew all afternoon. breakfast will happen in between those things but dunno what it will be.

need to buy some milk

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I have been waking at bizarre hours lately. Gonna knock myself out with sleep meds tonight #stayhealthy

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GYM done (back and bi day brother)
COFFEE done (cappuccino)

want BAGELS, but my local good bagel bakery is (for obvious reasons) closed :(((


Been up for hours because the next door neighbours thought that a perfectly reasonable and non sociopathic thing to do was to have a conversation with him at the bottom of the (long) garden and her shouting out of an upstairs window.

Today I am mostly waiting in for my Roomba to be delivered, then taking it round to its forever home.


No breakfast photos, I’m afraid, as I’m up and on my way to play hockey already. My girlfriend is away for the weekend, so I may just stay up at the hockey club all day to watch our M1s & L1s play their matches while drinking on the balcony. Or I might just come home and fall asleep on the sofa.

What are your future neighbours like? Hopefully not as twattish as the current lot.

The one I share a wall with is a single dad with two kids. He seemed nice, offered to split costs on roof/chimney work out of nowhere, which was nice.

More importantly, when I’ve been in the house and I know they’re home, it’s been absolutely silent.


I signed up to my gym yday. I’ve been a home gym bro for a long time now and decided a change was needed, especially since I lost a lot of momentum cracking my ribs in summer.

Amazing how fricking empty it was last night and this morning. Did a solid 4K run then focussed on chest. :facepunch: GET SOME, DUBSPRESSO

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The idea of a sports club balcony with food and drink for an arvo is something I genuinely quite envy. I’m not a member of something quite like that and it’s ace. I used to go with my granddad to his cricket club as a kid and thought it was living the high life :smiley:

I think if I got a roomba I would spend at least a day just watching it go

DO NOT throw up on the tube. Pls. (Hope you’re okay dude)

I have cleared my diary for the rest of the day for exactly this.

It also comes with a manual remote control so you can manually send it back to its charging station, which I will of course be using to make it sneak up on 'er indoors.


Oooh well done for going to the gym!
Gonna join one on Tuesday cause tbh a couple of kettlebells and a £6.99 yoga mat from tk maxx aren’t really doing the trick any more.
How are your ribs?

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You need to stick a walkie talkie on it so you can bait her into the wrong rooms trying to find you


It’s a good idea, but I’m not sure there will be room for one alongside the giant googly eyes.


Sorry to hear you’re still feeling crap gp - hope you feel normal soon.

In a taxi on the way to my hotel - was an absolute shitshow trying to get a taxi to take me on - despite having taken dozens of screenshots of the hotel address in English and Chinese and google maps and the hotel website… if you don’t hear from me again it’s cause I’ll still be in a taxi somewhere. The smog is ridiculous.


Damn, cracked ribs :((((
you dont realise how important holding air in your abdomen is to just day to day stuff, never mind exercise/ weights.

I got a 24h gym pass, and its always pretty much just me and maybe one other person in the gym when I go early morns. Love it.

Get them chest gain xylo

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I am fast becoming of the opinion that it might be time to give up the colossal amount of space my home gym stuff takes up and just go to the gym AMAP.

Ribs are suprisingly okay. I didn’t do anything other than an extremely gentle jog from August 15 til Sunday just gone, so they’ve had good time to heal. I’ve lost a lot of progress so need to be careful not to overdo it too quickly…

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Morning all! Got a cup of tea, sat on the sofa watching The Bisexual. Is it any good? I love Desiree Akhaven, so I hope so…

Might Glasgow today! Might not.

Put up a pumpkin garland yesterday. I love it!! was thinking I might use the Halloween decorations as Christmas decorations.