WAKE UP. It's the Saturday thread

Been to the bottle bank, partly as it’s a chore that needed doing, partly to give my partner a bit of solo pampering time away from the baby. Me and her are chilling in costa (I know) and I’ve had an espresso (single, not @doubleespresso) and a flat white. Gonna head back for breakfast (4 slices of buttered toast probs).

Heading back to the hometown later. Seeing my parents, grandparents and then meeting some ATDs in my mates micropub. Gonna be a good day


Turns out that a Manhattan:

  • Is delicious
  • Contains an awful lot of alcohol

Our friend and her horsedog and her quite lively young son are coming round quite soon. #prayfor8614829383


You should Glasgow x

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One of THE best cocktails


Maybe! Waiting to hear back from some friends about it. Might go anyway tho :blush:

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Second only to the Old Fashioned, imho, but sometimes you need to dilute your bourbon with a different kind of alcohol. Mix things up.


Yeah we thought we’d try something new last night and realised neither of us had had one before. Had two.

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:pouting_cat:you should go to glasgow :pouting_cat:


Is the pub actually micro?

RIP Laefs

Pinhead oat porridge w/ maple syrup, nutmeg and cinnamon.
Coffee in shark mug.


Oh you fucking winner

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Just checked and my phone is saying the journey is 1 hour 5 min :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

I will shortly be making spinach and scrambled eggs on sourdough.
Then I will be going for a long run
Then I will be going to the world’s oldest football ground to watch hallam fc vs. Charnock in the FA vase.
At some point during/after all this I will decide what to cook, buy some ingredients, and cook dinner.



Yeah I feel you! Forever tripping over fitness stuff that I don’t even use any more haha. Definitely gonna get on the gym too (6 minute walk away and a friend of a friend means I can get a student discount :sunglasses: so no excuses really)
Glad your ribs are healing well! Yeah, it’s so easy to overdo things. Half of me wants to say look after yourself, but the other half enjoyed your painkiller fuelled rants haha
Nah, definitely look after yourself and best of luck!

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4 tables

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Solid tbf. I have a couple of Saturdays off coming up so can finally go watch Charlton play

Hey I can rant totally fine without painkillers dw

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The coffee is too fruity but its probably my 2nd to last mug from these beans.

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