Wales in July - a holiday thread allowing our Welsh posters to give advice and enjoy themselves

I have never been to Wales so why not go for a week in early July (last year we can go before school holidays kick in). Where should I stay? Would be nice to go to a beach a couple of times and do some other family friendly stuff. Will it rain the whole time? Would like to stay in a cottage that sleeps 3 for about £500 (some flexibility).

Diolch yn fawr iawn.

Manchester by the Sea.

This has not helped me whatsoever.

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I nipped up Snowdon once but that’s the sum total of my Welsh experiences.

I’ve been spelunking just outside of Cardiff and then we went to Hooters and some shit club. Maybe your family would enjoy these 3 activities?

Go Green Man instead, literally the only good thing in Wales and there’s always loads of stuff for kids there

tenby or fishguard & folly farm

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I’ve been to Tenby two summers in a row, first year was constant showers, second year blistering sunshine. Had a great time either way and hugely recommend it.

I’m planning on going to Wales in the summer and visit Conwy and the surrounding areas. So tips for around there would be appreciated.

A friend spent Christmas in a cottage near Betsy and said if was lovely.

You have to go in with the knowledge that it really might rain every fucking day. Can you handle that?

If so, nice places to head to would be down on the Gower, especially Rhossili Bay, then places like Narberth and Tenby, maybe up to Aberaeron, St Davids perhaps.

But it will rain.


another vote for tenby, used to go there quite often as a kid and it was lovely. went to aberystwyth last year, just me, gf and dog. blistering sunshine the whole week, nothing to do (literally) except walk up and down the beach, go up the cliffside train thing, and see family, so if youve not got family there you can forget the last one. my folks go to anglesey every year camping which is lovely too but prob a bit far from frensham ponds. better chance with the weather further south as well obvs

Yep you’re looking south west and maybe up to the west coast as yer mans said ^

Cheers all. I guess we may go for somewhere in the middle of all this:

Can’t really handle it if it rains every single day… Is the weather that different from SW England.

Wales is a country in southwest Great Britain known for its rugged coastline, mountainous national parks, distinctive Welsh language and Celtic culture. Cardiff, the capital, is a refined coastal city with a nightlife scene and a medieval castle with ornate Gothic Revival interiors. In the northwest, Snowdonia National Park has lakes, glacial landforms, hiking trails and a railway up to the peak of Snowdon.

I haven’t been to that part of Wales so I can’t help you.

I sincerely hope you have a good time though.

Good luck trying to converse in English in some of the villages around there btw

Thank you very much.

I’ll have to speak in German then.


Bslnoz! Look at under the thatch, they gave great places by the sea. We have been to the area around Cardigan a lot- Penbryn, Tresaith and villages there are great nice beaches and towns around if it rains. Up past Aberystwyth are nice big dunes at Ynyslas

Will think and put more ideas in at lunchtime…