Walk-on music


Hello gang,

I have just completed an award entry for a marketing campaign in true corporate whoredom.

Little did I realise that the hardest question was yet to come - what would your walk-on music be if you won?

I am stumped for ideas. I need something with a cool intro, and likely to last 30 seconds.

My placeholder is Daft Punk is Playing At My House by LCD Soundsystem, but I am not happy with this choice.

Any suggestions, gratefully received!







this is it



theme from shaft



remember watching this for the first time waiting outside gatwick arrivals for my lift at like 7 in the morning last year and going into an uncontrollable fit of laughter.


My standard response for this is I Wanna Be Your Dog. Don’t appear until the main riff actually kicks in.


It’ll never not be funny.


i think its the face that really does it.



planned to use this for my snooker walk on music


this, but I only come out when the kid walks into shot.


In Da Club, obviously.


you get walk on music for winning a marketing award?



(NB: @Kallgeese - my daughters love this song far too much)


It’s to make us believe what we’re doing is worthy, I think.

There are some absolutely stunning choices on here.