Walk to work/pogo to work scheme

Right, so, your company has introduced a ‘Walk to Work’ scheme in a bid to raise fitness levels in the office.

If you walk all the way from your home to your place of work you are paid triple your usual wage, BUT, you have to do it for a whole month.

However, if you live <1.5 miles from your place of work, the scheme isn’t available to you. Instead, your company has introduced a ‘Pogo to Work’ scheme. If you pogo to work, you are paid triple (state of the art pogo stick is provided by the company).

So, do you get involved in this scheme?

Of course I fucking do.


Just gotta learn to pogo up the stairs to my attic

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Do you mean I get up at 2am and get home at 9 for a month?

i already walk to work


I think I’ve misunderstood the scheme but I’d do what i said for triple pay.


2 miles each way, yes, I will take you up on this offer.

You should do it


I already walk to work and I pogo (play Pokemon Go) on the way

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I’ve walked to work every day since January 2018. Can I claim the bonus as back pay?

i think the main thing putting me off the pogo is that it’s coming up to winter and will soon be slippy

It’s a 3 hour walk each way. It’d be a fucking long month but I’d get fit and a triple wage so yeah, I’d do it.


Word would get around too. You’d probably get on the local news.

Yeah just looked up mine and it’d be two and a quarter hours each way, which I’m almost tempted to do once just for the hell of it.

Get to walk along the river in Greenwich too.

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Quit your job and become a walking consultant for big firms slash talk to kids about how good walking is.

‘Local idiot found dead in ditch, ‘died of exhaustion,’ say baffled coroners.’


Yes, but I’d move to 1.51 miles from the office. Not gonna pogo, obviously.

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I currently walk to and from work everyday and I live 2.5 miles away - I would not pogo to work for triple pay even though I am exempt from this scheme by distance anyway.

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Come to think of it they’d probably have to provide me with new shoes or it’s no.

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Google says it’ll take me 12 hours to walk from my home to work. Doesn’t really seem worth it.