Walked past the jr school yesterday

must have been their lunch break and it was just pure kids screaming at the top of their lungs like maybe 50 of them.

Is that what it was like? I don’t remember that

  • that’s what it was like!
  • no it wasn’t

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how do they hear to talk to each other? Don’t kids have sensitive hearing, it was like a nightmare

I think I did a lot of shouting and maybe screaming as a kid.

I figured you’d have maybe 4 or 5 shouters on the playground at one time

If you’re suggesting that there should be regulations then I’m in favour.

no I just figured that kids would have a shouting limit and then after that they would settle down and talk normally I don’t know whoops

They’re a different breed from my day (the 1890s).

wow you’re really old!

I may be really old but I still haven’t got it.

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There’s a primary school right next to my office that I walk past at lunch and that sound of screaming and fucking legging it around always makes me feel really happy