Walkers Choose or Lose LIES

So walkers are claiming in their head to head competition thing that if “Salt & Vinegar, Prawn Cocktail and/or Smoky Bacon loses then it will be withdrawn from sale in the early part of 2018”


Bollocks mate!! They’d remove Salt and Vinegar?! Chinny Reckon! Hope the polls go viral and they lose. hahahaha EOT


Could definitely live without smoky bacon

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The Choose or Lose campaign invites consumers to vote for their favourite flavour in each of 3 flavour battles. Each flavour battle puts a classic flavour against a favourite from around the world to battle it out to determine the nation’s favourites. In each battle there will be a winner and a loser, and the loser will be removed from the marketplace.

The 3 battles are:

Battle 1: Salt & Vinegar vs. Lime & Black Pepper
Battle 2: Smoky Bacon vs. the Bacon & Cheddar
Battle 3: Prawn Cocktail vs. Paprika

I think these are rigged.


Good thing we live in the age of BREXIT isn’t it?!

None of these mucky foreign flavours invading our shores and stores, thank you very MUCH!

Rather than these foreign flavours we need proper Brexit flavours such as Lard & Misery, Tripe ‘n’ Ash and Sprouts & Jelly.


Dammit. Too slow.

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not sure I’d ever go out of my way for a packet of S&V crisps


supermarkets only stock the trad flavours & none of the more exciting foreign favourites
ergo it’s rigged & on sales will be a whitewash for the boring old ones

I find it difficult to believe anyone still eats Prawn Cocktail crisps in the 21st century. They were planning on binning that one off anyway and it’s just a big marketing effort to promote Paprika as “already popular”.

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If I had a suitably deep bank account, I’d be out buying Lime and Pepper flavour by the pallet.

They sound rank, but it would be an important lesson for someone somewhere…


fuck all that, can you still get s&v discos anywhere?!?!

Yes - in the WH Smiths at my work.

I adore Prawn Cocktail. Paprika crisps just taste of dust. Why would anyone prefer them over Prawn Cocktail? Why would anyone prefer them over anything?


I’m going to scour the place when I come over tonight and if I don’t see dozens of packs of prawn cocktail crisps littered everywhere I’m going to call you a liar.

Dont paprika already exist as ‘chicken’ flavour…?

I’m going to take this one step further. I’m going to actively buy some Prawn Cocktail crisps tonight and not only eat some in your presence, I’m going to actively relish doing so.

Nom nom nom.

(And if you’d had a look when you dropped Ripley off in my room, you’d have seen Prawn Cocktail Pringle tubes ready for the bin collection on Monday :wink: )


Crisps are shit though.

geez you have a WH Smiths in your work and it sells Discos?! What kinda willy wonka land do you live in?

I’ll be honest, it’s many a moon since I’ve eaten chicken flavoured crisps.

One that provides you and everyone else with a wholly flawed rail network.

And rightly so

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