Walking 'Holidays'

Anyone a fan of these? Looking into doing the west highland way at the end of may… Bought a tent, waterproofs…a lot of suggestions to bring a trowel which sounds horrifying.

Anyone done this specifically, any tips? Looking into doing it solo and marked down campsites and what not.


Good work on the ‘holiday’

Sounds like hell


I’d like it if it was between hotels/B&Bs, camping though not a chance

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If we took a holiday
Took some time to bring a trowel which sounds horrifying
Just one day out of life
It would be, it would be so nice


alright george ezra

Could be great, but it’s a lot of kit to carry for a few days (i.e. a heavy pack) and it’ll be pretty miserable arriving at a campsite if it’s pissed it down all day, putting your tent up in the rain, nothing’s dry, etc. That said, if you can enjoy that sort of type 2 fun you’re basically guaranteed a good time. Also, if you’re staying on campsites you won’t need a trowel unless you plan on doing a lot of shitting as you walk.

Reckon linking up pubs/B&Bs for a few days would be more fun and require you to carry much less. Probably harder in Scotland where habitations are fewer and farther apart, but somewhere like the Lake District is absolutely ideal for that sort of thing. A stretch of the Pennine Way would work too as there’s loads of places to stay.


I did the west highland way a few years ago with a group of mates, but we went for the bnb/hostels option rather than bringing camping gear. Obviously it’ll slow you down a bit carrying a tent etc, but as long as you’re reasonably fit you’ll be fine. The actual route is fairly flat, i found the most difficult part was alongside Loch Lomond where it’s quite narrow and the path goes up and downhill a lot. Accommodation does get quite busy along the route but if you’re just one person it would probably be easy enough to book a room last minute, if the weather does look really bad. I remember there’s at least one bothy on the route too.

It’s a really beautiful walk, I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

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Well, there was a stretch which could very well involve wild camping and a campsite where the toilets are available when the hotel bar is open.

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I first looked at some walking holiday site where they book everything and just being solo made everything go up from£750 to£1100. I know they add a premium for the service but it may always be too pricey. Maybe I could split it a bit… One of the campsites has lots on a loch which looks nice.

Did you do Ben Nevis after at all?

If you’re up for a wild camp there’s a great route from Fort William to Dalwhinnie. Head out through Glen Nevis, out past Corrour Station, Culra Bothy then down to Loch Ericht and Dalwhinnie (where there’s a station, so getting back down to Glasgow is possible). It’s ~40 miles, so easily doable over two days, and could be done as an extension to the WHW. And you could go over Ben Nevis at the start (though you’d need to be comfortable with an off piste descent back down in to the glen).


next up, dishwashing retreat


Yep, the ‘single person premium’ is so annoying with travel. Is that Beinglas campsite? There’s a really cool pub next to it too.

I did do Ben Nevis the day after, it’s super easy to get to from Fort William.

I feel like I would (or should) enjoy one of these, but I find camping here so miserable - the tired feeling and the damp smell - I just don’t think I could.

Plus my feet ache after about twenty minutes anyway.

I know some friends that did this one when they lived in the Scottish Borders, it looked great.

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I walked the Camino de Santiago across Spain a few years back and really enjoyed it.

I think the cost of accomodation or hassle of carrying more stuff would put me off doing it in the UK a bit.

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I keep thinking about doing this. Any more detail you’d be happy to share here?

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Sounds perfect

wild pooping one of life’s great pleasures

if you’re gonna take a pack with your gear make sure you’ve done a lot of test walks. your knees will be fucked if you go in cold with 10+ kg on your back with loads of downhill otherwise. probably.

I ran the west Highland way in three days when I was younger.

I’ve done it twice. I love it. The bit across Glen rochy is amazing. Love it so much.

Happy to talk about it :slightly_smiling_face:

I walked the French way starting in St Jean Pied De Port. I went pretty quickly and got to Santiago in 25 days, wish I’d had a bit longer. I went on to Finisterre for 3 more days which I’d recommend if you’re not Catholic. Was more satisfying finishing at the sea than in a church.

I’d like to go back and do the northern route one day. Was great fun meeting loads of people from all over the world.

It’s worth walking ~25 miles with everything you bring before you go, loads of people brought too much and dumped things by the side of the route.