Walking / Rambling / Hiking Thread (Rolling)

getting about that time to start planning some big walks. got any planned? i wnna do some stuff in the south west that i’ve never done. gonna have a potter about epping forest at the weekend but wanna get a decent hike in sometime soon as well.

had a bit of a crazy idea for a project to walk the entire south west coast path. it’s 630 miles in total, so if you did 30 miles a day you could do it in 21 days, so pretty much spread it over a month would be doable. camping and having days off inbetween. what do you reckon, marckee?

got any planned?
got nice stuff near you?

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This sounds great and horrific at the same time. A whole month or walking and camping.

In terms of camping would you have many options for hotels or B&B type things on that path? I’m just thinking in terms of ‘days off’ or if it’s a walking day that’s just rain the whole time, you would probably need to find somewhere warm to sleep, right?

Who would you go with?

yeah there’s millions but it could be an expensive trip that way. would limit myself to one night in a b&b a week or something.

i reckon the wife might join for a couple days here and there but i think it’d largely have to be solo, dunno anyone else who’s mad enough really.

As mentioned elsewhere, I will be taking the scenic walk down Commercial Road to West India Quay Cineworld this evening taking in the following sights:


Right, yeah. I guess many might be but a whole month is a big ask. Maybe some week-long joiners?

So you’ll need a lot of stuff to do in the evenings. Solar charger for a phone or something?

Are you going to watch The Boss Baby?

Not if I can help it!

I want to do the coast path thing…not sure about the camping as carrying a tent etc would get to be too much of a menace/weight for me I reckon

Got a trip to Lydford gorge planned sometime soon - looks good

3/4 miles is about the kids whinge limit currently - trying to get their tolerance up

Going to Budapest for 4 nights soon, anyone know how easy it is to get to some nice countryside from there ?

here’s a photo an ATD took of me climbing in the cairngorms, tough climb:


Dusted off the walking boots (or rather bought some new ones) recently and me and the TV have been going for walkies every weekend.

Been down to the Malverns and Shropshire Hills. Might go up the Peak District and/or Snowdonia in the summer.

Walked it into Brum and back along the canal last Sunday, was about 9 miles there and back.

A few years ago my mate and some of his pals did a charity walk along the Pennine Way. I’d like to do something like that, it’s just getting the time and that to do it I suppose.

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I’m definitely going to be seeing it at some stage… my son finds the name hilarious let alone the rest of it.

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Not done any hiking since doing the 5 peaks a couple of years ago. It was brilliant, but I quickly found out that hiking up mountains isn’t for me and I’d rather cycle up them. Slieve Donard and Snowdon were particularly bad.

woooo that loooks niiiiice

forgot to say in OP: NO CLIMBING CHAT


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Maybe let them have a dab every quarter of a mile?

I might try it - you can dab when you reach that tree/stile/fence etc.

Still getting over the trauma of V dabbing all the way down an escalator in Tezzas the other day while a load of teenagers pointed and commented.

they’re called dipdabs mate!!


there’s some nice lil trails in the buda hills which are easy to get to http://www.lonelyplanet.com/hungary/budapest/activities/hiking-trekking/buda-hills

lake balatón is meant to be quite good http://www.hungary-tourist-guide.com/lake-balaton.html

börzsöny mountains look cool http://www.summitpost.org/b-rzs-ny-mountains/347065

you can def catch a bus/train to all these places but not sure about details, i’ve not really had time for hiking here yet but gonna do loads as soon as these deadlines are over yay. also the weather is great at the moment. lemme know if you want any general budapest advice!

Is there a particular reason for the popularity of dabbing?

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