Walking tales

Been on any good walks recently? Anything interesting happen while on them?

Walked to work this morning.

Find recreational walking a bit boring tbh tbf.

I’d like to go on more walks, I think. Countryside round here is a bit… dull, though.

Love a bit of walking me, particularly having a chat with someone while walking. You both seem more alert than when you’re at home somehow.

Mostly exploring cities recently, but registration opens in less than a week for Vierdaagse van Nijmegen 2018.

Basically 4 consecutive days of big walks, starting from my hometown. There’s a 30, 40 & 50km version each day. I’m gonna go for the 30km as that’s enough. Lots of live music and festival stuff going on everywhere while it’s on, should be fun.

Mate of mine tried that 100km walk challenge a few years back. Seems shit though. A very unenjoyable challenge.

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I found that when I lived in St Ives. You can walk along the river one way, and you can walk along the river the other way. That’s about it!

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Another vote for davidoff cool walking. Best is just walking for 10 miles+ and getting into your zone and being so exhausted you cant think anymore. Cathartic af.


used to walk home 7 miles from work every day, boy I was fitter in those days

easily the best mode of transport
my auntie once walked from brighton to london, for a dog charity


Your auntie sounds cool

Cant think of any good stories except I did a good foresty one last year where it’d been nice all day until I put some black metal on my headphones and it started pissing down. This was basically me:


I love going for a walk for the reason of going for a walk. Like, with no time or destination to be somewhere.

Big fan of walking around cities and walking in the countryside.

I used to do a lot of walks with my brother, but he’s injured his ankle to the point that he can’t do that now. He used to live in Malvern, and one of our regular things was to walk up to the top of the hills straight from the train station when I arrived, finishing off in a pub, and when he came up to visit me in Newcastle, we’d always spend a day or two hiking up the Northumberland coast, or along Hadrian’s Wall.

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From my experience, walks are only good if you have constant fear of death, you’re in agony throughout and can’t move for days afterwards.

Yep totally. Love getting completely lost as well.

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P.S. I’m doing a Munro this weekend.

Really fancy a weekend away in a city sometime soon. Meandering is nice.

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Go to Newcastle!

The city is ace to wander around, plus, if you want to get out into the country, it’s dead easy.

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Getting lost is fine if you’re on your own. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re in a group.

I’ve been! It was very nice.

Go again!

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Did anyone see the big count down of the nation’s favourite walks on ITV last night? It was weirdly compelling. “In at number 96, you know it, you love it, it’s the clamber over Camber Sands!”

Sounds brilliant.