Walking tales

Ah, the OS have done a guide to the list:


You don’t really get an experience like that in Norfolk, unless you get stuck on a sand spit and have to wade through thigh-deep water to get off. (Which happened to me soon after we moved here)

You can’t beat a bit of atmospheric BM in your ears while walking through a grey, misty wood! Which reminds me I must check out your Dawnwalker album, sounds like it would go nicely with a winter stroll!


Eek! Like sinking sand?

Ha, no! more like a long, thin strip of sand that is accessible by foot in low tide but becomes an island in high tide.

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Oh I really want to watch that!

Once got a bit lost in fog over Bowfell in the Lake District but managed to find my way down to the bottom of Mickleden valley. I put Two Hunters by Wolves in the Throne Room on my iPod while striding back to the pub and it was absolutely fucking amazing.


Bit off topic but I walk a lot, and then my tours are constant walking too. My hips are totally screwed and I feel like I should have proper shoes to walk about the city in but feel a right dork in hiking boots. Is there an in between? A city walking shoe that won’t fuck my hips/knees

Do you mean like Merrell shoes or something?

It’s what I always use when I go on holiday and spend all day on my feet.

I’ve always found Newcastle city centre quite difficult to wonder around. Not tried that many times since childhood but when I have I can never find the bits that aren’t chain-shops on high st kinda vibe, central station or big-roads-oh-this-must-be-the-edge-of-town places.

Ok I’ll take a look.

Obviously there are loads of different makers of those kind of boots/shoes, not just Merrell.

People like Karrimor and Salomon do comfy, sturdy canvas shoes too. You can usually find them in places like Millets or Blacks in a sale.

Really? It’s very compact and unless you’re heading to the Ouseburn area, you probably won’t have to cross any major roads.

The ‘cross’ streets (eg High Bridge, Pink Lane, Pudding Chare) and Grainger Market are where you’ll find the independent shops and stuff.

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When I was on holiday in Bulgaria and had been very ill vomiting and shitting in my hotel toilet for a number of days, I finally managed the courage and strength to venture out for a walk through the pretty woods to the back of the hotel. As soon as I made it to the start of the woods and rounded a corner, I was met by an old lady doing a shit directly onto the walking path. A memory of a wonderful break

I feel like I could walk for days and not run out of steam (hyperbole)

I feel a bit bad for people who live in cities that don’t have AMAZING walks within half an hour of the centre.

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I have a few questions. Which is your favourite and where’s the bottom picture taken?

Yeah, I used to like just hopping on a train, or a bus, or my bike and being out in the wilds so easily.

Tbf, it’s pretty easy to do the same in London as well, if you hop on a train or tube.

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Can you re-post that pic where you look like a 70 year old version of yourself (up a really cold mountain or something)?

I’ve climbed Bow Fell twice in the last couple of years and both times it was a total white out on the summit because of low cloud, one of these days I’ll see the view from there!

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Looks like Malham Cove third from bottom?