Walking with alpacas



Mind. Blown.


Is this narrated by Attenborough?


I’m thinking that’s about the only thing that could improve it.


This is where I’m going!! I am bloody excited, just look at those guys

(for context:)


can we eat them at the end though?


Get out


@casinobay to thread


i had a mate at college who’s dad owned a llama farm. wonder how that’s going.


found it - ‘just 40 miles from trafalgar square’ :smiley:



The fact that it’s priced per alpaca rather than per person has done me.


He’s such a GBOL. He invited me and the TV to meet the Epic and Raffles and the goats when we were up in Edinburgh, but we couldn’t squeeze it in. Biggest regret of the year so far.


My daughters had an alpaca walking tour last summer. They were staying for the day with their Gran who had no idea what to do with them.

They absolutely bloody loved it.


he’s a llama farmer


Llama McLlamaface, then.

In all seriousness, going to petition hard for Kendrick Llama


I was literally going to C&P the same line.


We normally take a llama on the walk as well as the alpacas. If you would rather not walk an a llama please let us know


Adam LaLlama.


“Walking an alpaca allows you to walk YOUR VERY OWN ALPACA for the entirety of the walk”

so you have to bring your own alpaca?


Dr Llama


Imagine being the sort of heartless bastard to deprive one of the llamas of a walk. “Sorry Eron pal, you’re staying here today because you’re slightly bigger than these other guys and this man is scared”


they should just call it Mark