Walks you sometimes do

If I’m dog walking with my dad in the countryside and having a sensible conversation, I will often walk with my hands behind my back like Prince Charles would while visiting a new community gardening project

What special walks do you have?


One arm round the back grabbing my other arm

I sometimes like to swing both arms at the same time back an forth

My Dad walks like that to the point that my niece used to do a hilarious impression of it when you said “what does Granddad do?” to her when she was about two. It was funny and adorable. Anyway, this is all preamble to the fact that it turns out I’ve started doing this more and more frequently and my partner always goes “alright, [ANTPOC’S DAD’S NAME]!” because I don’t realise I’m doing it. We all turn into our parents.


Seems like it would compromise both arms in event of a fall forwards

This is quite satisfying

Save it til Thursday!

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If I’m stuck behind someone walking slowly, I’ll make a slow motion exaggerated walk, at which point my other half will give me a slap and tell me to stop being cruel, even though she’s probably wound up more by their slowness than me (probably because I’ve turned it into something fun)

Use my stomach when going down a hill because steve coogan told me to


I often walk as if I’m doing never-ending imaginary stepovers (not with prying eyes, of course)

Body is too similar to recent post? Because I’m always on about being a hallucinatory Ronaldinho

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If my coat has pockets by the nipples I’ll walk with my hands in those like Landed gentry.



how many of this style of coat do you own out of interest?

not sure. just kind of concentrate on your stomach when you walk

Your post sounded like a cryptic crossword clue, that’s all! Maybe I’ve been doing too many cryptic crosswords of late.

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Ah, those were just random numbers. Sorry to anyone who was trying to solve it.


I’m a right clodhopper in my heels!

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just the one at the moment

Hands on my hips at all times to exert my powerful influence on anyone who lays their eyes on me :unamused: :face_with_monocle: