Wallet thread

What’s your criteria when shopping for a new wallet / purse?

Can’t believe this thread hasn’t been done yet, what’s WRONG WITH YOU ALL!?

RFID shit critical for you?

You got a separate money pouch or what’s going on in your coin game?


Must be as small and slimline as possible. Must absolutely not have a coin purse.

My wife did not consider the first of these mandatories when getting me an admittedly high quality wallet for my birthday, so now I’m walking round with a bulky piece of shit all the time.

It IS a top notch wallet but, not for me.

Don’t like wallets. Sign of an unsuccessful businessman. Tend to just carry notes and a couple of cards. Never have the need to carry any I.D or change.


Mine is becoming increasingly redundant, but I like it and it was a gift so I still end up carrying it about. I might switch to a card holder. Got my wife one of these for her birthday and I think it’s really nice.


I just let Clive bring one home from work, sent to the lifestyle magazine that he works for by a PR person. Free is good. Good quality free is even better. But it’s a slim card holder rather than a wallet as I rarely carry cash anymore.



My mum got me a Ted Baker wallet because that’s what she thinks highly successful business people in the world of business should have, so I use that.

It’s fine.

Might switch to a money clip so everyone fears and respects me in equal measure



Proper answer:

  • Room for about six cards
  • Room for some notes
  • As slim and small as possible

A mate of mine bought a custom engraved money clip. Looked well nice, but he had to fill it with low value notes (may have been thai baht) with a lone score on the outer layer to give the impression of great wealth.

I’ve been using the Muji slim cardholder for years. It’s metal though, so have to take out contaclless cards in order to use them.

What are you doing with your coins?

I had a metal one from Muji too actually. Kind of a hinged box thing? But it made a weird pattern on the pocket of my jeans so I don’t really use it anymore.


Take it to the fragile masculinity thread

I didn’t realise I was a 13 year old unsuccessful businessman, but now I think back, I can’t say my achievements were particularly great.

Usually just scatter them about. Or refuse to take them. Or pour them down the drain.


Yes! All my jeans front pockets have that same pattern.

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Some bollocks from next. It’s a wallet, who cares


Mine must be made out of fabric, preferably with some kind of pattern or design that would scan as “new age”. Eyes, pyramids, dolphins, weaves, leaves, trees… that sort of thing. A coin purse is a must.