Wallet thread

Keep coins in my pocket til I get home.
50p and quids go into a jar on the shelf used to tip Deliveroo riders.
Everything else goes into a plastic bag that I keep meaning to take to a CoinStar or the HSBC on Fleet Street.

the fifteen year service award at work was a load of Mont Blanc stuff, so I’m currently rocking one of these:

Alright Lefty from Donny Brasco

You bet!

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this, obv


Mate we had a whole wallet DAY!



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Planning on buying one of those bike inner tube wallets when I am employed again.

(Just posting that in here so I can link to it the next time innit, it’s good fun all this)

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Now I’m effectively gone cashless I’ve given up on a wallet. Still trying to work out what to do about with cards and coins.

Small leather rectangle: £225

sharpens pitchfork

I’ve always thought it was a bit of a swindle - encouraging everyone to keep their valuables inside one, idk, kinda pouch thing. You don’t hear villains in movies jump out of darkened doorways and say 'GIMME ALL YOUR CASH IN NOTE FORM, ANY SHRAPNEL FROM YOUR OTHER POCKET, ANY CARDS YOU MAY HAVE ON YOU, ALL YOUR RECIPTS, MAYBE A SPARE KEY, AND THAT CONDOM YOU’VE HAD IN THERE FOR FOUR YEARS".

I rest my case.




Brown leather one I got as a wedding day present from my wife, embossed with my surname and year of birth (though very subtly). Does the job, is only bulky if I put coins in the coin purse bit, which I rarely do now because we live in a cashless society.

coins live

  • wallet
  • pocket
  • floor
  • some sort of loose change collection/petty cash in the house
  • car
  • other

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Coin pouches on a wallet give me the heebie-jeebies


Truly successful businessman just take the hit from being mugged and get Jean to buy them a new Ted Baker wallet and wad of cash when they’re next in the office.

Hey @anon5266188, hark at this

Why are people claiming they don’t use wallets?