lost mine last night. So now i need to get a new wallet. Maybe I should be mixing it up a bit you know? Anyone got a cool wallet?

Show me.

marckee do NOT link me to a previous wallet thread. NOT TODAY SATAN.

I need a new wallet

In order to fully answer this question I’d need to know the requirements. How many cards? Are you one of those weirdos who has change on them? Photo of your wife?


Don’t need a wallet nowadays


Commiserations on the lost wallet xylo. I lost one my Grandad gave me a few years ago and still miss it.

I’m currently rocking one I got for my Leaving Certificate, twelve years ago, so maybe I should buy a new one.


Also, sorry that you lost you wallet. That’s a shitter.


Sorry to hear about your wallet xylo, so bloody annoying. Hope there weren’t too many sweet innards in there.

Been meaning to pick up a new wallet/ask for one for christmas so will be keeping my eye on this thread. Do you think it’s worth going big on an Aspinal one or something and never having to buy another again? 90 quid though fucking hell.


Loved my old wallet. It was so sleek, compact and neat. Loads of places to put stuff in. The perfect wallet.

My wife got me a new one for my birthday and it’s MASSIVE. It’s a high quality wallet and no denying but it’s so big and I really don’t like it but I can’t not use it.


Currently got a leather one which is close to falling apart, and a tweed one waiting to take its place. Don’t think I’ve ever bought one myself, they’ve always been gifts.

Essential wallet features: no zip bits or button fastenings or anything like that. Should never contain any coins.


don’t use one. just carry my bank card in my pocket and the rest of my cards in my bag pocket.


no change. photos yes. i would say roughly around 10 cards.


it’s such a **** when you lose one isn’t it? been years since this happened and i’m fucking fuming


This is it isn’t it. Been carrying my debit card and my driving licence in the 5th pocket of my jeans recently, pretty good.


just to liberating. bit weird when I’ve got cash on me, mind, and i’m frantically pulling notes out of my pocket at the tills. always think it looks a bit boastful.


just always worry they’ll deteriorate faster


they do. my bank card is a year old and the paint has come off all the numbers.


Oh yeah, that and I get really anxious that they’ll fall out but for short trips to the shop or something it’s ideal.


mate, I’ve been wallet free for almost 2 years now, and I’ve never lost a card.

wake UP sheeple!


this is awful

a wallet is so personal

my mum bought me a wallet so terrible a few years ago (it has a picture of a guitar on it, because you know, I play the guitar) it has never been used. Couldn’t even bring myself to use it once in her presence

I like a small wallet - just room for a few cards, folded up notes and maybe a couple of loyalty cards.


m9, you’re a revolutionary!


yeah i feel like i’m in mourning for a fucking wallet. @Ruffers is right. capitalism has destroyed us all